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tzumisht Posted - 01 September 2010 0:04
i heard this in camp from Mrs. Elias, and though the message applies to everyone, i thought it applies especially to a lot of pple on ft i apologize that im unable to give it over as well
one of the reasons for the kolos is that we're imitating the cries of eim sisera. the first 99 were all cries of sheker, of denial-maybe he's busy getting spoils,etc. when she got to the 100th, she faced the emes-her son was dead.
we need to take the message and face the emes. yes,its true emes can sometimes be a slap in the face and it can b extremely hurtful. but a person needs to strip away that sheker and face the reality. this also applies to who we are. we fool ourselves into thinking we're such good pple and maybe we can fool the world. but if its sheker, we need to face the emes of who we truly are, adn work on it from there. and yes its hard and yes it can b painful, but the sheker needs to b stripped away.
k, srry i did not do that shiur justice at all but im rlly tired right now... sorry!
oh, b4 i 4get, there's another thing i heard in camp that i wanted to share w/ u guyz (this one is from Chavi Klein)
basically she said that there are 5 common questions that can be taken on a deeper level:
1)WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?-whats ur bckgrnd? a person should measure their successes based on themselves and where they come from, not on other pple. i heard a mashal that illustrates this really well (srry, i dont remember from who)there was a man who lived in B. and wanted the best boy in Volozhin for his son-in-law. he found him, and his daughter married him and they moved to volozhin. the son-in-law was learning all day, a real masmid. one day the young couple get a letter that the father-in-law wanted them to move to B. cuz he was getting old. they move back and the father-in-law takes the son-in-law to the shul and tells him that in B. most pple don't learn so much-a little mishnayos here and there, but he can learn there all day. he starts off still very shtark, and then slowly cuts back half an hour, then an hour, then an hour and a half... the father-in-law asks him whats goign on, adn he says he's still better than a/o else in B. the father-in-law responds:i asked for the best boy in Volozhin, not the best boy in B.
2)WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?- this is kind of like what mrs. elias said-u need to face who u are. Chavi said, and its so true, that many times people will turn on music just so that they dont have to think. theyre too scared of what they might have to change if they think into who they really are, so they choose not to
3)WHERE ARE YOU GOING?- what are your goals? u need to have something that ur aiming for
4)WHAT ARE YOU DOING?-plain and simple-think about what ur doing
5)WHAT IN HEAVENS NAME ARE YOU DOING?-wat r u doing l'shem shamayim?
again, srry that im not doing that shiur justice either, but i thought u guyz would like it. and for a/o who was there, yes i know the qs are out of order...:)
k'siva v'chasima tova!

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