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wow613 Posted - 01 September 2010 0:04
i used to have full faith in G-d. i still do but all my friends are aethiests and thr thoughts get into my head. when im davening im thinking what if im doing all this for a watse, what if there rly isnt anything up there? what if when im in desperate neeed for help and i turn to Hahsem for comfort theres rly no one there and i feel like im talking to a wall when i daven. its terrible i never used to be like this and i always gets these certain doubtful moments but ive been struggling against my yeitzer hara and i just cant find comfort in thinking Hashem is there anymore and i dont know why and i hate it! i loved when i had full emunah in Hasehm i rly did i was always so comforted but now i think like an idiot and think im alone. I CANT DO THIS! help!!! how do i get my emunah back!!?!!?
mop Posted - 06 September 2010 22:42
first of all stop being friends with theses atheists. theyre not doing anything but hurting you. you need to read the proof about how there is a g-d cuz i know u can believe in him again if u did befor. i believe in u
Rabos Machashovos Posted - 06 September 2010 22:42

I used to have thoughts like those. It was gehinom. But please, just think about it! There are so many proofs to Hashem's existance; just look around this website! Seeing as you could have already done that, though, I'm guessing that proofs are not what you're asking for. You say that you need a connection with Hashem. So, if you don't feel that cold, hard logic will help, read a book for chizuk. Even better, (this is what helped me), learn some Navi, inside if you can, such as Yirmiyahu (perek lamed alef, with as many commentaries as you can -- especially Malbim and Radak) and Yeshayahu (try to learn Malbim and Metzudas Dovid on it as well). Really take them to heart, especially the posukim about bitachon in Yirmiyahu (I had the most amazing teacher for Yirmiyahu who spent about a month on this perek just teaching about bitachon). You sound like a really thoughtful and great person -- don't give up! Keep fighting for your emunah and bitachon!
And maybe be careful about your friends. This might sound callous, but if they have such a negative influence on you, maybe you shouldn't spend so much time with them.

Hope that this helps, and all the best;

Rabos machashovos be'lev ish -- va'atzas Hashem, hi sokum

jewishgirl1 Posted - 16 September 2010 2:16
Try reading the book "Garden of Emunah."
soulrebel Posted - 16 September 2010 2:16
this is tough, i always just kind of felt a Presence, but maybe you're more of a thinker than a feeler. good luck!
josh1 Posted - 19 September 2010 23:03
Its impossible for the world to have come out of nowhere, there must be a creator. Try to listen to some Rabbi Daniel Mechanics tapes.
<3rochela Posted - 17 January 2011 23:43
theres this mashal i heard abt this guy who painted a gorgeous picture. so his friends asked him "how long did that take u? how did u make that beautiful piece of art??" so he said "u know its the strangest thing. i took out my paint brush, opened up all the bottles of paint and got ready to start. but a big wind came a knocked all the paint over and painted this painting!!!" his friends started yelling at him that it was impossible, and obviously it was. so just think abt it- how r u breathing right now? what human would b able to fashion and design a human body? how did the world get here? a big bang? really? how is it possible for there to b no gd?
jewishgirl1 Posted - 02 February 2011 23:09
When you look at a computer, you don't see it as the result of some random occurence. You see a genius guy working at apple. It's the same with the world and the human body, which are thousands of times more complex than any computer. There has to be a Creator; it's so illogical to think they could just come from some random occurences.
FaithInOne Posted - 11 February 2011 3:45
I recently decided to take this upon for myself, so perhaps you can also try it. I find three instances during the day that something good happened the way I wanted or in my favor and three times a day, I just say to myself, thank you Hashem. It really helps me see the small things that Hashem does and how he orchestrates everything in the world.
Try it, because it certainly works for me.

Hatzlachah in everything!

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