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Anything about JUDAISM
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wondering2 Posted - 04 August 2010 14:48
im just "wondering," how can i achieve ahavas chayim?
actresstoo Posted - 11 August 2010 2:59
actually one thing that really helps is before you go to bed each night think of two good things that happened to you that day and thank Hashem for them.
also, someone once told me that when i say Modim i should think of five good things i have to be thankful for.
if you learn to appreciate the small things in life-like even if you're having a rotten day to try to find at least 2 good things-then your whole perspective on life will change. you will be happy to wake up in the morning and start a new day, and hopefully you will eventually achieve true ahavas chayim.

Libi B'Mizrach-V'Anochi B'sof Ma'arav...

leavingandlooking Posted - 11 August 2010 2:59
I'm not familiar with the term, do you mean love of animals, people in general, or something else?
fire88 Posted - 11 August 2010 2:59
r u asking how to enjoy life?
appreciation is a big thing. like sunsets and sunrises and friends and family and vacations and joy and learning and clothes. even the small things in life that give you pleasure, like an ice cream cone or reading a good book. happiness doesn't have to be this deep sort of essence-thing, it can be very superficial, like buying a new game or watever.
also, like accept the fact that there are times you won't be happy. esp if you have a reason, like u didn't do anything all day or had a fight with your parents or even something harder to deal with. but that's life and it won't last forever.
hatzlacha with everything!
huh Posted - 11 August 2010 2:59
kk so i thought i'd just put down some random thoughts and things i've learned but its not like i know what is THE way!

I think we need to know really know that G-d is good and everything is for our benefit even if it hurts... its ultimately to help. When we say Hashem Echad in shema i learned that it means that evrything, even evil or suffering comes from Hashem and therefore is ultimately good.

life is the oppurtunity for us to draw close to Hashem and get that ultimate good! its such an oppurtunity and its just here to benefirt us! nothing else!

Also i learned that you need to see the different situations in life in this light. need to obviosly empathize with ppls suffereing but dont stop there. we are here for a reason and we should seeppls suffereing as an oppurtunity to help and fix the world! if we look at pain and sufering that way maybe its easier to love life

Hoped this helped! Hatzlacha!

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