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tis all good Posted - 22 July 2010 0:00
hi e/o! hope ur all doing well. k, ive been reading for a while, but ive never posted, but here goes...
i know this has been addressed several times, but im not sure where exactly i fit...
so im not exactly skinny, k im actlly kinda fat =D so i want to lose weight. i mean, its almost a chilul Hashem for me to walk our of the house cuz im so fat so i went on a diet and i was eating 500-700 calories a day and i lost s few lbs but n/o noticed cuz im so fat to begin w/ and then my mother decided that i wasnt eating enough so now i always have to eat supper so i try to save my calories for then...anyways, i tried cutting back more, but that only lasted a week. then i got stuck on shabbos so i started taking laxatives no im not bulimic-i only take them on shabbos and emergencies...
but now there are days when i eat 500 or less and then there r days when im just out of control and i just keep eating and eating and eating... idk how to stop i try exercising it off, but its not working and im so fat and gross my friend keeps saying that im not fat just not skinny-same diff im not even trying for skinny right now just NORMAL anyways, she thinks i have an ed, and i dont- i clearly cant stay in control... wat do i do? any ideas how i can control wat i eat better? and wat to tell my frend to get her off my back?
Be_Happy Posted - 28 July 2010 21:59
i can just offer you advice from my xperiences. by cutting back you're doing the worst possible thing you can do to lose weight. as you can see it did not go well and your body retaliated by getting you to eat and eat and eat on the other days. i have tried diets, as we all have, and even the ones that do work for a couple months, stop working after a while, because we're human! we love food, we enjoy pleasures. so what i did was to read up on some healthy lifestyle books. eg fit for life, or the south beach diet, or the gi diet. they're not ideal, especially for keeping kosher, and celebrating shabbat and chagim, but they give some insight to how the body works, and what happens when we mix different foods together. the latter actualy showing you what will make you more hungry and what won't. see for me that personaly worked because i like knowing what goes on. so i picked up different tings from the books, and formulated my own eating plan. i think thats the key to get organised. and motivate yourself. i never used to eat breakfast, but i now see how important it is that i do. at first i made a menu for the week working out all my meals, and my snacks in between, keeping it all healthy, it was much easier to stick to when it was all planned. i alwys make sure i have stock of veggies in the fridge - im not such a salad person, but i love stir fry or grilled veg. you gotta go with what works for you. and most importantly dont restrict yourself.treat yourself now and again, maybe have a spoon of dessert on shabbat, or a small piece of chocolate after a meal. but not too often, and listen to your body.
hope this helps, good luck xx
iluvmyfrnds Posted - 24 August 2010 0:26
speak to a dr or a dietation!
your post sounds like it borders on a ed
if a dr or some like that didn't give you a eating/exercise plan then its not so healthy what your doing!
tis all good Posted - 03 October 2010 6:33
i did end up losing weight, but not enuf. managed to convince my frend i dont have an ed B"H. sorta. she's not fully convinced, but im working on her. cutting back is working, except for the times when i binge... but tis all good, so no worries, right?
tis all good Posted - 07 January 2011 2:53
k, the sitch is getting slightly out of control... guess the time has come to admit that i'm not exactly in a good place right now... been binging/purging, and restricting... dunno wat to do!!!!!!!!!!! pls help...
josh1 Posted - 07 January 2011 2:53
Really if you could speak with a nutritionist that would be great. You may be fine and she can just give you pointers on how to lose more weight (if you want to) without compromising your health. Also doing he right exercise is important as well. Goodluck
angelprincess Posted - 03 March 2011 1:13
to tis all good: it sounds like it would be good to speak to a doctor or nuetranist maybe u can try going to a gym i recentatly signed up for a all lady's gym and it worth it 1st i felt self conceince but who cares everyone there b/c they have the same goal as you that is to lose weight and or be healthy
instead of starving your self which will slow down you matablizism and make it harder to loose weight or after you starve youself make you go into pinge mode you should eat heathly balanced meals

angel princess

tis all good Posted - 23 March 2011 3:44
idk wat to do. i can't talk to s/o about this, cuz they all suspect me of having an ed. look, i'm in the 71st percentile for my bmi, which is pretty much obese-23.0..., clearly i don't have an eating problem cuz i weigh so much, so i guess i was just mistaken by my last post. besides, i haven't thrown up for a few weeks, so that's done wiht. just how can i get e/o off my back?!?!
FaithInOne Posted - 04 May 2011 23:31
First, I apologize for coming in in the middle of a conversation.
Second, you really need to see a professional. But here's a bit of advice anyway.

DON'T restrict yourself. When you do that, you're just leading yourself on and you're eventually going to end up binging and then purging. The best thing to do is to eat healthily and regularly, but only when you're hungry. That way, you won't feel the need to binge, or purge, you'll feel good about yourself and you'll feel strong. Exercising is also a good idea, but find something that you enjoy. If you hate going on the treadmill, then don't. Join a team or find a sport that you like and you can do regularly. The worst thing you can do is restrict yourself. Good luck in everything!!!

dizzleberry Posted - 12 May 2011 2:52
k,i dont know if im late in replying or anything but what you said that you cant have ed cuz you weigh a lot, thats NOT true. heavier ppl can also have eating disorders. its great to want to lose weight but only if you also wanna be healthy. dont eat too much of one thing. like dont only eat veges or fruits. i think you should really speak to a nutritionist.

tis all good Posted - 12 June 2011 2:25
thanx e/o. i'm doing B"H fine. just feel a bit like a yoyo but other than that, tis all good :D

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