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D. Moshe Posted - 07 July 2010 3:15
We are looking for a US Yeshiva Gedola (or the equivalent in the US) for Israeli Bochur that learns on a very high level (has US parents and speaks english). In Israel, it seems impossible to find a Yeshiva with high quality learning with good quality bochrim and a supervised dorm and still have some sports, etc. He needs to have some activity like sports, etc. during the day. But, he is also curious which would make access to a Yeshiva in a large city a problem. Canada is also a possibility.
yeouda Posted - 04 August 2010 14:48
montreal has yeshiva gedola, very strict, high level learning. about activities, i don't know.

for brooklyn: mir yeshiva has a basket ball field on the top of the yeshiva. I think it's not very modern but very serious boys and great rabbonim.
you also have chaim berlin which is pretty modern and open minded.
that's all I know in NY

think about ner yisroel baltimore, modern also but good learning too.

DannyBoy67 Posted - 11 August 2010 2:59
Most American yeshivos arent against sports (for the most part). And many yeshivas have basketball courts/gym and some other recreational facility.
Its more of a matter of finding the right place for him.

Why not send him to an american yeshiva in israel?

Although American Yeshivos allow sports, the better yeshivos dont compromise on their talmidim standards and require them to attend all the s'durim and not have any inappropriate behaviour or hobbies.

You might want to look into;
Yeshiva of Staten Island
Chaim Berlin actually has Israelis, but its in Brooklyn which is full of distractions. R' Slangers in Baltimore.
Long Beach
South Fallsburg
Phili to name a few

yEsHiVa BaChUr 113 Posted - 24 August 2010 0:26
Ner Israel is a great idea. I know they have a small group of Israelis, and they have an excellent (not "modern" at all) hanhalah and hashkafa.

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