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netanel2rr Posted - 27 June 2010 22:02
Rabbi mod.,im having problems with my emunah

are jews a race or a religion?

if its a race how can you convert to a race?

i believe in hashem,but how can you proove that everything in the torah is true?

why were we sent down her to learn gemarah,which is basically arguments between different chachmim?

i ask not as an apikoros but to know the truth.

josh1 Posted - 07 July 2010 3:15
Not that I can supply the answers, but you should know that you are allowed to ask questions and its good to do so (even though some teachers say it not)because when you get answers it will strengthen your emuna.
wondering2 Posted - 16 July 2010 0:06
jews are a religion, that happens to have a genetic link. A person is only a jew if his mother was a jew, or if he converts. To be physically a jew, your mother needs to be a jew. to spiritually be a jew, with jewish ideals, that has nothing to do with your mother being a jew. a person must realize for themselves how to be and act like a jew should, and how to live a jewish life
jewishgirl1 Posted - 16 July 2010 0:06
We are a group of people who's ancestors experienced matan torah. That is who we are.

We aren't a race - because we accept converts
We aren't a religion - because Jews who don't practice Judaism are Jewish by virture of having a Jewish mother.
We aren't a nation - because there are Jews all over the world.

Feivy Posted - 16 July 2010 0:06
As to your question about Judaism being a race or religion, the fact is that it is a race that follows a religion. We go after the mother to determine who is a Jew and who is not.Being born of a Jewish mother is automatic membership into the religion. G-d knew that there would be precious souls among the goyim for a host of reasons. (Ruth's father was a non-Jewish king that stood up when hearing hashem's name. Because of this he merited a daughter that would truly sanctify hashem's name.) Beause of this He left a door open for them to join Judaism. A ger is considered like a newborn baby for this reason.


taon Posted - 22 July 2010 0:00
1 Neither, really. Perahps nation would be abteer word. religion doesnt work becuase that groups Judaism under the same grouping as idolatries.

2 Yes, see the Us, Evil, forum and Basic Judaism forum

3 Gemarah, well, biezras hashem you'll find out for yourself someday, it can take a while. But it is what the world is mad eout of. each opinion contains more fundamental information than... i don't know what. And it all changes you. mentally, emotionally, spiritually, everything. It can take a very long time, or be immediate, but the appreciation comes. And in every line, ther eis so much to be found, so much more.

questions? go here:

RebLeibel Posted - 04 August 2010 14:48
Your questions are excellent ones...they are questions I have also asked. Perhaps I can be of some service to you by giving you answers that were given to me by HaRav Emmanuel Mordechai Vinas, the Rabbi of Lincoln Park NY (great place to spend a shabbos by the way...I know from personal experience).

If Hashem did not really exist, that would mean the entire Torah was made up by Moshe. However, no human being with any intelligence would have made some of the laws that we see in the Torah.

We know from the Shema (the section of Vehayah Ihm Shemoah) that the reward for keeping the mitzvos is rain. This makes logical sense, since rain is probably the most important thing for a society based primarily of farming. Now, if Moshe made up the Torah, including telling the people that if they do the right thing it will rain and if they do the wrong thing it will not rain, there are 4 possible outcomes:

1. The people do the right thing and it rains.
2. The people do the right thing and it does not rain
3. The people do the wrong thing and it does not rain.
4. The people do the wrong thing and it rains.

As you can see, two of those four possible outcomes would prove Moshe to be a liar. Now, since we know that human beings at that time could not control weather patters (which is still somewhat true today), Moshe basically has a 50% chance of being proven a liar (and probably killed by an angry mob) every time the Jews would do a mitzvah or sin. No sane human being would take such a chance, since the chances of him being right every time are so small that they are a statistical impossibility.

There is another aspect of this, one that is not really based on logic. I need to believe in Hashem to stay sane. With all the horrible things that happen in the world, I can take great comfort in knowing that a being with more intelligence than me is running things. I understand that Hashem knows what he is doing and that all the bad things in the world happen for a reason. Now, if I believe in Hashem, by default, I believe in His Torah.


Feivy Posted - 01 September 2010 0:04
Judaism is a religion in which membership is generally bases on race. This means that your mother must be Jewish. G-d knew that there would be special non_Jewish souls in the world and set up a system to allow them to also join the religion. It must be done by His rules though.

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