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gotgame101 Posted - 04 August 2010 14:48
how are you supposed to have faith when so many bad things happen? people always say: everything is really for the best even if you don't understand why it happened. well, thats easier said than done. is there a more satisfying answer?
mop Posted - 16 August 2010 23:15
when bad things happen it helps you grow spiritually from it and all of bad things that happens nakes you closer to hashem cuz you pray to him to help you and alot of ppl became really frum through bad things happening
bimbaboo Posted - 24 August 2010 0:26
Dovid Hamelech gave us the answer. Believe. Im speaking out of experience. I've been through a really very hard couple of months... and there were times, when i just didnt get Hashem. How can He do that to me? It was so hard. And a very smart person gave me a good answer. During the day we see things, there's light. But then comes night and we lose sight. Everything is so dark and we start to forget about the light and the good. All we want is to get light again. We want this deep darkness to be over. What then? there's a Possuk in Tehilim which says: "...L'hagid baboker chasdecha,
v'emunascho b'lailos" During the day we see the Chassodim that Hashem does with us. That is the time to commit everything to memory; the layout of life and all the clear chesed Hashem showers upon us every second. Because when the lights grow dim again
we will need the memories to help us negotiate all the obstacles
until once again the light shines. It might take time until its light again, but in the end it will happen.
Emunah, belief, is the only answer. Those who dont have it, go mad. Look at the goyim around us... they take drugs, drink alcohol, commit suicide, abuse those they love. And all to numb their pain. We have HKBH to hold on to. He's our father and He has a plan. We somtimes need to go trough hard times, because it's sometimes the only way we can grow.
Daven and remeber that Hashem's always there with you. When it hurts so much, that you feel you're going insane, when its so difficult, that you feel you're falling apart, tell Him that. Because He listens. And He feels with you.
We cannot decide whats bad and whats good for us. We see one little piece of the huge picture. So we believe its good. Doesnt mean that it's easy.
gotgame101, if you're really looking for ways to strengthen your Emunah, get inspired.
Hatzlacha in everything
taon Posted - 01 September 2010 0:04
Yes, but it can't be given on one foot. Try learning about what the purpose of this world is first. See for example, these forums, Rav Miller zt"l's haskafa sefarim, or Ramchal zt"ls Derech Hashem and Daas Tevunos. All these sources deal with your question, but in the proper context.
toy123 Posted - 09 September 2011 3:16
Yes I also wonder why bad things happen. Why was the world created so bad things could happen?!?!?!?!?

taon Posted - 21 September 2011 9:29
That's a bit of a big topic. Look at the Why Hashem Created The World,

for a start. to understand why things are a certain way, you need to understand something of the nature of the world first.

taon Posted - 21 September 2011 9:29

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