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iloveschool Posted - 27 June 2010 22:02
wat should i do i always space out and sop saing tefillah and cant focus ???????????
this is important please reply fast
yEsHiVa BaChUr 113 Posted - 07 July 2010 3:15
First of all, itís very important to remember that Hashem only wants you to do your best. Your avodah is to do the best you can under the circumstances that youíre placed in, nothing more then that. Being under stress is not a mitzvah, and it can potentially further limit your ability to be the best that you can be.
I can offer some practical suggestions from personal experience, because this used to be a big problem for me (itís still pops up from time to time, but BĒH not to a problematic extent). Everyoneís minds work differently, so some of these may better for you than others.
1) Look inside the siddur. This is very helpful for me, because it keeps me constantly engaged, which makes a huge difference.
2) During Shemoneh Esrei, I hold my siddur in a position where I can comfortably see it without craning my neck, which would be distracting. I find that holding the siddur, as opposed to using a shtender or table, helps keep me focused.
3) I start out davening by thinking, and remind myself by Shemoneh Esrei, that I should be thinking only about the davening. Starting out on the right foot is crucial.
4) If (or more accurately, when) I find myself spacing out, I make a new effort to focus from that point onwards. Itís the Yetzer Horah thatís telling you ďWhatever, you already ruined this Shmoneh Esrei, try again next daveningĒ. Every sentence said with kavanah is important in itís own right.
5) This may not be a practical short term goal, but if you know Hebrew, davening is a whole new experience. Youíll still have to check up complicate phrases, but when you know what youíre saying, itís much easier to stay focused.
6) Never give up. Itís frustrating when you donít feel that youíre doing as well as you could be, and even more frusterating if you find yourself regressing. Therefore, itís important to realize that Tefillah is one of the things ďconstantly needs chizuk (effort)Ē (Itís a gemarah, but I forgot where exactly). Itís a lifelong struggle, and there will be good times and bad times. The important thing is to keep a constant and consistent effort.
7) Be creative, you are unique, and the strategies you come up with may turn out to be the most effective for you. Conversely, this is something which everyone struggles with (some more then others), and you should ask your friends, parents, or teachers for methods to use.
8) Daven for success! As with all struggles in life, we need Hashemís help to succeed. The avodah of davening is to realize that everything is in the hands of Hashem, and our only obligation is to do our hishtadlus. Therefore, it is especially appropriate to ask for Hashemís help in this endeavor.
Feivy Posted - 16 July 2010 0:06
Do not give up it takes time to work on. Just remember the Yetzer Hora wants you to despair and give up. The Chofetz Chaim has a story with a lady selling apples. Some ruffians overturned her cart and stole apples. She stood and cried. A man nearby said foolish woman save what you can.
Yes, it is hard to concentrate in davening. Try to work on small portions at a time and build up.
Remember a Tzaddik falls a million times, but as long as he dusts off and says I will try a little harder, he remains a Tzaddik.
:)) Posted - 01 September 2010 0:04
maybe try davening out loud, word for word. also daven that Hashem should help you daven. and know, you are not alone, every jew struggles wiht this
wannabe Posted - 01 September 2010 0:04
ok this is s/t i also definitely struggle with a lot- one thing that i find helpful when i remember to do it is- to put the thing(s) ur spacing out about into ur tefillah- like if its something ur worried about, or trying to figure out how to do, or whatever it is- like to make the words of tefillah apply to it and express it that way

another thing which i ALWAYS see makes a difference is the amount of sleep i had the night before- there's no comparison between davening after a good night of sleep and davening when you're exhausted- i know its like the hardest thing to really do consistently and s/t it's not in your control (well i guess thats debatable but...) as much as you can its very worth it

surviver2 Posted - 24 December 2010 0:04
kay I know not totaly related but i went through something in life and was forced 2 pray woken at 9 on sundats 2 pray u get idea now i have a real hard time praying i can say personal tefilos and tehillim but cant daven shachris minch or mariv but i realy want 2 b able 2 pray any ideas

<3rochela Posted - 29 April 2011 1:19
yeshivabachur- what u said at the end of ur post- abt how davening is a constant struggle, is rly encouraging. those r all rly gr8 ideas that b'n im going to try. ur rly smart!!!

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