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Sdude1098 Posted - 31 May 2010 22:39
I have just started observing the wonderful mitzvah of tzittzit and I thought that I would feel elevated or something, but honestly I feel kinda the same. I now of these strings to remind me to remember. I'm always reminding myself that they are there and to remember the miztvot (not that I know all 613 of them by heart) and to remember what struggles I've had (which is difficult because my y'etzer hora pushes my memory to not work as well)
But as for how I feel, I feel pretty much the same, just a difference in how my clothes fit and feel because of the new garment.
I'm not exactly sure if this goes here but I think since this is likely a new struggle with my y'etzer hora over feelings of confidence/what have you (why don't you feel different, maybe you're not connecting as well as you should be (etc. etc. etc.) that it might go here.

I am saving this message if I accidently put it in the wrong forum though. Thank you.

pittgirl15217 Posted - 08 June 2010 21:27
so obviously as my user name implies, i'm a girl and i do not wear tzitzis but i think that i might be able to provide a different outlook. I've learned "acharei ha'pioolos nimshachim ha'lilvavos" which translated means- after the actions the heart is drawn in. Wat this means is that it's only after you do action (sometimes it takes a while) do you really "feel" it. I guess maybe it's the same with tzitzis- you may not feel it now but im sure that with time, you will feel different . And dont forget- even the fact that you are starting to wear them is huge! Kol hakavod!
Midos613 Posted - 21 June 2010 15:35
look, i dont want to sound harsh or anything but being elevated and uplifted wont just come from putting on a piece of material. you have to research it and find out what its meaning is and why your doing, it what what it means to you. you have to elivate your self through it. Hahsem gives u the opertunity to wear it but you have to make it change u.
taon Posted - 16 July 2010 0:06
Learn about the meaning of tzitzis
Also, Rav Miller zt"l suggests to have certain kavanos for each corner (he suggests Ahavas Hashem, Yiras Hashem, Blessing Hashem, and Loving and Blessing jews). Try to hold on to or look at them at certain times, or whenever you happen to see them, and remember your kavanos. We're too blocked off and numbed from spirituality today to feel such things immediately, but BiEzras Hashem, with practice you should be able to feel something more. Tell us how it goes.

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