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#1jew Posted - 15 June 2010 15:12
Is it posable that my skirt can be to long? i go to Bais yakkov and i am more modern but resently i been tring to wear longer skirts instead of skirts that arejust below my knee. I once wore a long uniform skirt to school that coverd my ankles, and the prinsable told me that i should get it shortent
can a skirt be to long? or is this just a weird thing the school makes us follow
:)) Posted - 27 June 2010 22:02
KOL HAKAVOD TO YOU THAT YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH IN THIS CRAZY DAY AND AGE TO MAKE YOUR SKIRTS LONGER THAN "JUST JUST". now, to address your question about skirts being too long. my school also is against skirt that draqg ont he floor. But this is definitely not a halachic question. "too long skirts" are definitley permitted by halacha. it is just a question of the "spirit of the law". especially in "in-town" communities wheere there is a heightened awareness of looking refined, this area is stressed. a long skirt that drags on the floor, u gotta admit, does give a unrefined, even bummy look. i bet you cant picture a proncess walking around in the streets with a shleepy long skirt dragging behind her as she walks. if you dont agree with me, start to look around, give it some thought, and youll definitely see what i mean. all this said, it is still much worse to wear skirts that are too short, so that should be your first focus. and if you dont feel you are ready to not weaqr skirts too long, just know htat its a higher level and hopefuly one day youll get to it. there is also the aded point of having respect for your school and not wearing to school waht they wouldnt want you to wear. ofr example, to scholl functions and especially uniform, try not to wear skirts below your ankles
hocking613 Posted - 16 July 2010 0:06
as far as i know, the problem with ankle-length or longer skirts is that they give a rather casual look, which is not the look we want. hope that helped.

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leavingandlooking Posted - 16 July 2010 0:06
There are a couple of other problems with long skirts I've heard of, though I can't remeber them and I don't really know for mymself, being a boy. It was in the sefer Oz Vehadar Levushah: Modesty, an Adornment for Life. Presumably short skirts would be worse though.
Rabos Machashovos Posted - 22 July 2010 0:00

I think that some of the main issues with long skirts might be that (1) they are in fashion and we're not supposed to try and imitate the gentiles, and (2) a LOT of today's long skirts are tight around the waist and reveal the outlines of the upper leg (especially when one is sitting). There's someone who I see around who wears a lot of these skirts and you can see her upper legs even from a distance, unfortunately.

angelprincess Posted - 14 April 2011 3:28
isnt it better that the skirt is long enough instead of worring that it is too long?

angel princess

rayray Posted - 22 April 2011 3:14
u havta keep in mind all the reasons behind a girl wearing a skirt.
1. length= so as no nakedness shows as in it must cover the knee
2. the reason we dont wear pants= that you cannot make out the outline of upper legs etc...

so the slinky skirt for example, the material and shape of it, is so tight that you can make out the outline of the leg- would be more tznius in a big pair of sweatpants!!!

i have heard too long being an issue but not sure really y... i mean a floor length jean skirt should be ok or black or khaki as long as it meets the requirements...

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