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Anything about JUDAISM
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idkwattobeleive Posted - 12 May 2010 15:37
I feel like im being forced to beleive in god, but the problem is, i dont...i grew up not religious and then i started going to a frum school 6 years ago. Since i went, i always thought i beleived in god until i got older. Im in 8th grade and i dont know what to do. I try to find proof that god is real but i cant find any. People try to convince me with stories but it could all be made up! Someone please help me.
MODERATOR Posted - 13 May 2010 3:40
can someone please point this poster to the first cause argument on the site?
taon Posted - 13 May 2010 14:45
Read here: and, the proofs to Hashem in both. Or try Ra Millers books, as well as Aish's books and Rabbi Keleman's(sp?) Permission to Believe.
jewishgirl1 Posted - 17 May 2010 22:48
The world -it's symmetry, order, and beauty. It didn't happen by accident, it was created for a purpose. The fact that it's the perfect distance from the sun to support life.

The existance of the Jewish people - we wouldn't be here if there wasn't a higher being. We should have been wiped off the map years ago. But we continue to exist.

Life - who can explain anything about its essence? The concept of a soul/nefesh is completely beyond science. There must be a higher being.

The Torah - would any human make up restrictive laws to follow? There must be a G-d who created such laws with perfect totality and gave them to mankind. And we accepted.

josh1 Posted - 15 June 2010 15:12
jewishgirl1 -

Thank you

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