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C.bochur Posted - 02 March 2010 16:05

I'm kind of new here. But from what I've read, it seems to be a nice place :)

Anyway, I asked R' Mod if he had any suggestions on finding a BT yeshiva (for more explanation see below), but unfortunately he too couldn't think of any and suggested to open a thread on the forum. So, here I go:

I'm looking for a new yeshiva. Some time ago I've learned in a Litvishe BT (baal teshuva) yeshiva, but most of the bochrim were modern anyway. Now I'm looking for preferably a chassidische one. The only thing is, I really, do not want to speak modern Hebrew. And for someone who isn't born frum it seems like I have really no choice. Since all of the English-speaking BT yeshivos are either Tzioni or Litvish who probably wouldn't accept a chassidishe bochur who also refuses to speak MH.

There are some people over here (I'm now in Eretz Yisroel) who try to get me into Toire v'emineh, the Belzer BT yeshiva in geula. But also there, they speak MH and well, Belz isn't quite my chassidus...

People over here showed me a teshuva written by R' Moshe Sterenbuch shlita, that it would be okay for Israeli baalei teshuva to speak MH, and thus learn in MH. But I'm no Israeli nor MH-native speaker and don't want to do speak it anyway.

So that's where my problem starts... I really don't know what to do or where to go to. Up until now, nobody I know of was/is able to help me.

Of course I'd prefer to learn in Yerusholoyim or elsewhere in EY. But if I really have no choice, I also wouldn't mind to go to the States or w/e. Though it would be kind of ironic if I had to... Leaving the 'heart of Torah study' in order to learn elsewhere...

Anyway, any advice/suggestions?

גם זו לטובה

look-upward Posted - 18 March 2010 0:56
Perhaps Marbe Torah in Bnei Brak, or Aliyos Shmuel in Yerushalayim (which has americans). I heard that there is a good one in Kiryat Malachi, but I dont know much else, even it's name.
info Posted - 02 April 2010 0:34
maybe derech hamelech in yerushalayim. it's a chassidish yeshiva for ppl who don't come from a chasidish background. but I don't know what level it or you are on.
C.bochur Posted - 08 April 2010 22:32
Hmm.. Marbe Torah, never heard of it? The other one I also don't know. I spoke to gavaad Weiss shlit"a about yeshivos and he advised me to go to one of the English speaking Litvishe BT yeshivos (like Ohr Sameach) since there aren't any Englsh speaking chassidishe yeshivos. So that's probably what I'm going to do then.

Unfortunately Derech Hamelech doesn't exist anymore.

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