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tzumisht Posted - 02 March 2010 16:05
Shira, song, is very much a part of Yiddeshkeit. It has a huge impact on out neshamos. Just like a kina, lamentation, touches a person's emotions and arouses him, shira has the same koach. In fact, the koach of shira is so tremendous, that if something is sung with kavana it can become a teffilah. Shira reaches into our hearts and souls. Not only is it heard, it is felt. It can make a person happy or sad. It can calm a person down or cause him to take action.
An example of the ability of shira is the Levi'im's shiros in the BH"MK. With their beautiful songs and harmonies, their instruments and amazing musical capabilities, they were able to cause people to do teshuva. They were able to touch a person's core, his essence, and they used that koach to bring people closer to Hashem.
Shira has the power to unite. An example of the connection between shira and achdus can be clearly seen from our history. The second BH"MK was destroyed due to lack of achdus, and that was when the Levi'im stopped their song - "aich nashir al admas nachar."
Another example of shira's power of unification is Perek Shira. All of nature-plants, animals, stars,etc.- comes together to sing shira in praise to Hashem, like it says in tehillim:" shiru la'Hashem kol ha'aretz." The world is like Hashem's orchestra, playing the most complex composition- the song of the world. Hashem is the conductor and all of creation are the instruments. Each creation has its own unique song, just like each instrument has its own unique sound, but all the individual shiros blend together, just as the instruments do to form a complex, beautiful song.
So too, shira unites us. It unites people from all over the world adn binds the generations together. We each belong to different groups, each with it's own unique tafkid, but we all come together to praise Hashem with shira in achdus.
Perek Shira is the world praising Hashem, but not through literal song. Rather through actions or traits that characterize that specific praise of Hashem. It is the same for us- Dovid HaMelech writes:" Azamrah laylokai b'odi." B'odi means that my very being, my actions should be a praise to Hashem. Our actions, or shira, are the torah and mitzvos. This is what is says:" kol atzmosai tomarna Hashem mi komocha." Either literally that I will praise Hashem with my whole body or with atzmosai-248 limbs/ mitzvos lo sa'say + 365 sinews/ mitzvos asay= 613 mitzvos, meaning the torah= my actions.
In tehillim (150) there are ten things listed that praise Hashem. The tenth thing listed is "kol haneshama," and it is the highest form of praise. The next two words "t'hallel kah," represent the highest word that is used in sefer tehillim to praise Hashem.
There are nine shiros in the world right now. The tenth will be the "shir chadash," the shir la'asid lavo, and it will be the highest shira. This will happen when we are b'achdus and on the highest level taht we can attain. Then, and only then, will it be "kol haneshama t'hallel kah"- kol= everyone b'achdus haneshama=on the highest level t'hallel kah= with the highest type of praise will give shira to Hashem, meaning the shir la'asid lavo.

I had to write this for school, adn a lot of it is my own drash, so i don't know if it makes any sense or if it's accurate.

people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care

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