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emoticon Posted - 18 March 2010 0:56
What is a girl's obligation in terms of Shacharis?
Do the following fulfill my halachic obligation?

Shemone Esrei

(For everyone who is about to post that of course we should wanna daven more, because it's a privilege and etc... I know. I'm asking in terms of halachah, k?)

taon Posted - 15 June 2010 15:12
For pesukei Dizimra, I saw in Laws of Daily Prayer by Rav Simcha Bunim Cohen that girls should say Baruch Sheamar, Ashrei, and Yishtabach since it's a machlokes what their obligation is.
taon Posted - 15 June 2010 15:12
From Weekly Halchic Discussion by Rabbi Meustadt, in order of priority:

1 Bracha with Shevach and hodaah

2 Shemone Esrei Shacharis and Minchah

3 The pasuk Shmea and Baruch Shem

4 morning brachos

5 Emes Viyatziv -Shemoneh Esrei (Gual Yisroel can't be said without Shemoneh Esrei)

6 Pesukei Dizimrah

7 All of shema including Kel melec before

8 The Brachos before Shema

questions? go here:

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