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Anything about JUDAISM
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dina17 Posted - 10 February 2004 14:08
if a girl is already engaged is she alod to sing infront of her fiance???
yideleh Posted - 10 February 2004 18:13
no, same way you can't touch the guy yet either until you're married. It's all the same thing. For some reason, ppl tend to think that when you're engaged, things are more lenient, but lehefech. A guy's allowed to look at a girl to find out if he's attracted enough to marry her. Once he's engaged to be married, his kallah isn't different than any other girl and really he should be even more careful around her and have his guard up because it's so much easier to stumble. A good girl would understand that and try not to provoke him.
Nelly Posted - 12 February 2004 14:28
yideleh, well said.
Sdude1098 Posted - 28 July 2010 21:59
Just a followup, once married, how careful must the woman be if she wants to sing for her husband? As in, is there concern about neighbors, children, etc?

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