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tehilla l Posted - 21 February 2010 17:05
im a 18and i have been offeres shiddcham and i wanted to know if 18 is to young to start dateing
aniohevetyisrael Posted - 09 March 2010 0:25
First of all, are you a boy or a girl? For a girl, this may be perfect for you, but it is probably a little young if you're a boy. I think it depends on how mature you are. If the people that redt the shidduchim know you relatively well, the fact that they would suggest a match could be a pretty good indicator of your maturity level. They wouldn't redt a shidduch to someone 18 going on 14, so you must be a mature person to have suggestions coming in already. Whatever you decide, make sure you talk with a reliable mentor (mom, teacher, etc.) about this to get their opinion.

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, what am 'I'? And if not now, when?"--Hillel

jewishgirl1 Posted - 09 March 2010 0:25
It depends how well you know yourself and what you want in a person.
ner daluk Posted - 12 March 2010 3:44
For some yes and for some no. Depends who you are and where you're holding.

Kol zman shehaner dolek efshar od l'taken!

hocking613 Posted - 12 March 2010 3:44
that's a matter of opinion and family feelings on the subject. pretty much an individual thing. another factor is the maturity of the girl, as measured by others, not the girls herself. um... that having been said...btw, i started at 17, so i don't think 18 is too young.

my chelek is my chelek; your chelek is your chelek; no one can take away anyone else's chelek. ezehu ashir hasameach bechelko.

aquabubble97 Posted - 02 April 2010 0:34
the real q is: are u ready to get married?
are u ready to take on the responsibility? I know many ppl who have gotten married at 17, 18 years old. my grandmother got married at 17 and baruch Hashem, she is still with my grandfather. it all depends on whether u think ur ready.

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