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JewishAndProud! Posted - 13 December 2009 20:20
Do you guys ever feel your confidence just fade away? It could be because of someone's hurtful comment? Or even a bad hair day?

The user name says it all...

josh1 Posted - 30 December 2009 22:15
hey these things happen to everyone, even the most confident people out there. Dont take it too hard, the comment came out of the mouth of someone who obviously has to work on themselves...
qazwsx Posted - 04 January 2010 23:25
yaa i think everyone does once in while
tzumisht Posted - 05 January 2010 2:13
oh yeah! i can totally relate to that one. i felt that way until really recently when something happend that showed me how wrong basing my self-confidence on someone else is.
there's a really good kid's book that helps with this. it's called Stephanie's Ponytail (sorry i don't know the author's name) anyways, my teacher read it to my class last week. what can i say, it was a huge eye opener. she changed the main refrain i guess you could call it to "it's my avodah and i like it!" you have to read the story to get it.
anyways besides that i guess experience has shown me that what others think doesn't really matter- only what Hashem thinks. i'm sorry if i'm getting a little mussary here, but i can't help it. half the time when i thought someoen was looking at me adn thinking how wierd i looked, it turned out that she was so focused on herself she had barely noticed me. people are created self-centered and generally theyre so focused on themselves that they don't even notice you.

Matisyohu28 Posted - 24 January 2010 21:19
When Hashem asked Moshe rabbeinu 'what is in your hand?' - moshe answered 'a stick'.

Now, obviously, hashem knew what was in Moshe's hand. What, then, was the point?

One of the meforshim on that pasuk(I forgot which one) says that when moshe rabbeinu held the stick, it was a stick, but when he let it go, it turned into a snake; the same thing, he says, applies to us - when we look at ourselves as a stick in hashem's hands, i..e, an agent to carry out hashem's will, then we can realize that all of our talents abilities and energies come from him, and we can use that as our ultimate confidence - also, if we are lacking a certain ability - who cares? if we were supposed to have it, we'd have it, and if not, maybe it wouldn't be good for us to have it, etc...

However, when leaving hashem's hand, thinking one is independently in control, he becomes as a snake, which was the personaification of the nachash - the yatzer hora from gan eden.

This, I think, is a good shortcut to self-esteem.

JewishAndProud! Posted - 04 February 2010 1:13
I appreciate all your answers.
Matisayho, great example! :)

The user name says it all...

girlygirl92 Posted - 04 February 2010 1:13
i dont think one should feel less confident due to someone elses remark or comment. you may feel hurt or put down but there is always something special about you and always a reason to feel confident. dont let someone else ever make you feel like you have nothing to be confident about.
happyJewishgirl Posted - 10 February 2010 16:04
It helpsyou to think, out of all the people in the world do you know how small the percentage of religious Jews are, Just the fact that you were born a Jew makes you so rare and special, and not only that you're religious too!


jackie545 Posted - 21 February 2010 17:05
at some point in out life, or even day we all get that feeling. and a rav once said that each person should remind themselves that the world was created for them and that we are tzelem elokim (a part of G-d) and if we are that special that we must realize that a lack of confidence is slightly insane. often these feelings come on account of other people like you mentioned a hurtful be blunt people say mean things to degrade you and to mostly make themselves feel better about the type of person that they are. it is very hard to let these comments slide but sometimes that just may be the best thing!! good luck !!!
qazwsxedc Posted - 21 February 2010 17:05
yess i totally know how u feelll! like people dont think b4 that speak that they can ruin some1s day
happyJewishgirl Posted - 02 March 2010 16:05
We all have those times, but they just fade away, What works for me is to think about a compliment that made me feel really good


<3rochela Posted - 13 December 2010 23:26
i think that if u have confidence, it shouldnt matter wat ppl say. just bcz someone said something hurtful (which they probably didnt mean, they might have had a bad day and were letting out their frustration on u) doesnt make u a bad person. if u have confidence and are strong in who u r and what u believe in, it doesnt matter what ppl think. i saw this thing on that was talking abt how u dont need other ppl to make u great. u can b great urself... basically, u r who u r. u make urself, other ppl dont and shouldnt make u or break u.

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