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genericusername Posted - 16 December 2009 17:38
I apologize if this question has been asked before but I don't understand what the point in Hashem creating us was.
The classic answer is because either Hashem wants to give us reward or because He is full of chesed and wants to bestow his kindness on us.
So if you go with the 1st approach, if we were never created we would never have had a brain that would want reward... We would never have any desires at all.
And if you say the second answer, how could Hashem want anything and the like. Furthermore perhaps the greatest kindness would be never being created. (Like they say... ignorance is bliss) Also if anyone could suggest a good book about similar things (English or Hebrew) it would be much appreciated.
whatami Posted - 28 December 2009 1:33
You are lookign at it like things are bad. Really they are good. There is a discussion on Why Hashem made the world

it is good, all everything.

josh1 Posted - 28 December 2009 1:33
Not sure of the answer to your question...maybe some books by rabbi daniel mechanic would have anwers. Or rav avigdor miller.
jewishgirl1 Posted - 04 January 2010 23:25
Why can't it be both at the same time?

It says in Derech Hashem that Hashem's purpose in creation was to give His good to others. Since Hashem wanted to give good, partial good would not be enough. The good that Hashem is giving would have the be the ultimate good that His creations could accept.

Since Hashem is perfect, and the only true "good" in the world, what He gives, must be completely good. Because "true good" can only be found in Hashem, He "decided" that the ultimate good would be the ability of His creations to attach to him as much as they are able to. In this way, people can be considered part of Hashem's perfections if they are associated with Him. Throught this association, they can derive pleasure from the good.

Therefore, the true purpose of creation was to create a being(man) that could derive pleasure from the good of Hashem, as much as he was capable of receiving.

In order for such good to be perfect, Hashem decided that the person who enjoys the good must earn it for himself and not think the good just comes accidentally.

ProudlyJewish Posted - 18 March 2010 0:56
Why does a parent want a child? Because they want someone to love, someone to love them, someone to take care for, and someone to appreciate what they do for them.
That's why Hashem created us
tzumisht Posted - 08 April 2010 22:32
srry this is a bit off topic...(in refrence to proudlyjewish's answer)
y do so many pple compare Hashem to a parent when so much of the time the parent does not want what's best for the child or doesn't care what happens to the child. yes, in theory all these things r true, but in reality? 4get it!
sinkwater Posted - 27 April 2010 1:42
hashem created us to do his will
ProudlyJewish Posted - 03 May 2010 21:17
Because Hashem is like the GOOD parent.
The majority of parents have a natural love and care for their children.
G-d forbid, some don't, may we not know of such harships.

Moshiach Now! :)

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