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Blonde&Smart Posted - 29 November 2009 16:22
Im not really sure what about it I hate. I mean, I can sit in shul on shabbos or yom tov for hours holding a siddur and i cant bring myself to say the words. Most of the time I totally dont even bother. I dont even try to daven at all. I havent for so long that I dont even remember in the morning that im not davening. If i really really pushed myself i could do it but i hate it. I feel like i am just talking and i totally dont feel ANY connection whatsoever. I grew up in a frum home and went to frum schools my whole life. I was almost always in an environment with structure and a time for davening. but even then i started to not daven. So even when time is set aside for davenng I cant bring myself to do it.
Does anyone have any ideas on how i can bring back whats missing? Ive read praying with fire and it didnt change anything. Ive watched "inspiring" videos and nothings helped...does anyone have any ideas?? please. Has anyone been in a similar situation and gotten past it? how???
taon Posted - 04 January 2010 23:25
Whenever you need something, ask Hashem for it, no matter how small it is. When something good happens, thank Him. Also try niggunim (tunes, meaning here for the davening) and other siddurim. Think beforehand of all He does and all thats needed. And you can daven for help in davening.
Jacobeli Posted - 02 March 2010 16:05
im asuming ur a guy...I guess speak to past rabbeim and read books on the importance of davening and just start..the best way is to just begin..small the prayers in english so you know what your talking its not just lip service...i hope that helps..i wish i was abkle to give you more advice. Goodluck man!

I hope I was helpful!
All the best!

Blonde&Smart Posted - 08 April 2010 22:32
well, firstly, Im not a guy. secondly, thanks so much for ur response. Things are a little better lately and im basically doing what you said.
I guess I should tell u that what you said is a little bit of what the rabbis say to me so ur on the right track...thanks!!
Simply Me Posted - 07 January 2011 2:53
I know a long time has passed but it can help someone.
There are some stages in life that is just very hard to daven; we dont feel like it, we just dont want to do it, etc.
Blonde&Smart, you are on the right track because even though you dont like to daven, you are trying to do something about it and thats really the begining, to care!
Well, for me what it works is to read something inspiring, it hasnt to be connected with tefilah itself but to feel the connection with Hashem makes you want to mantain that connection and make it stronger and why dont you chose something from the whole tefilah, even if its just a little little part and try to understand the words and each day pay attention and connect only on that part. You will feel better, you will feel you acomplished something and it could be the begining of much more.

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