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Avi From Bk Posted - 16 November 2009 22:32
Im currently in my senior year and i want to go to beis medrash next year. the thing is im really worried about parnash in da future. if u can pleasae name me some carees without a degree i would really apprciate itm


taon Posted - 25 November 2009 22:40
Wow, shkoyach. I'll have to get back about what jobs, but for now, i want to reassure you. You can get parnassah without college, it's still plenty of histaldus. you dont have to worry about the specifics as much right now, as long as you have a direction in which to go and such.


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taon Posted - 25 November 2009 22:40
there a book on this, "The 300 Best Jobs That Don't Require a Four-Year Degree." I dont have it, but i saw selections from it. here are some from there and other places, picked mostly at random, if you gave an idea of what you are looking for it may help us help. technically, many jobs dont need degrees, people just prefer to get them.

Air traffic controller

sales manager

Storage and distribution manager

Real estate broker

Sales representative

Dental hygienist

Commercial pilot

Police detective

construction managers

Construction Supervisors

Elevator Installer

Power Distributor



Physical Therapy Assistant

Network System Analyst


Network System Admin

Stationary Engineer




Web Designer


ship captain

Home Health Aide

Social and Human Service

Transportation Manager

Power Plant Operators

Court Reporter

Carpet Installers

Tax Examiner

and those are just a few, really. the main thing i serving Hashem, these are just for bare histaldus. Hatzlacha rabbah!

May the geulah come now, even before this post goes up

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