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her Posted - 28 March 2001 21:44
i understand that we don't eat chometz on pesach b/c the dough didn't have time to rise, etc., but why are we makpid on things like clean pots that might have chometz absorbed in them, kitniyos, and makeup? The alcohol in my lipstick isn't going to rise! thanks
MODERATOR Posted - 28 March 2001 22:09
Please see the first few Daily Kashrus Lessons, where the concept of Belios is explained. The Belios of Chometz is Chometz also.

The alcohol on your makeup already rose. What you have there is already-risen chometz.

sarchie Posted - 05 April 2001 22:02
moderator, i feel so bad saying this, bc i hate speaking bad about my parents. i just dont know what to anyone reading this, please keep in mind i love my parents more than anything and they are so good to me.

we are baal tshuva and we all move at our own pace. since i attend a yeshiva, i learn more halachos and minhagim etc.
it makes pesach and other yomim tovim so hard. i sometimes cry and wish i had someone telling ME what to do. i cant stand the pressure making sure everything is done right. making sure all the chometz is locked up and put away. making sure everything is done b4 its proper time. i cant do it!!! we have 2 dogs and today i saw them eating one of their treats! im not pointing any fingures, but obviously someone gave them the treat (maybe without realizing) and that caused chometz to get all oveeer the house again. i cant take all this! G-d is just going to have to take what there is bc i cant keep driving myself crazy. my parents do their best...and im driving them crazy and i feel so bad about doing it. i really do. its not fair what im doing. like my mom has her makeup out and if i cover it up or put it away, she will still use it.
whenever i do this, everyone goes crazy! i drive myself crazy and those around me and then we are all in bad moods!
i cant take it anymore

MODERATOR Posted - 05 April 2001 22:10

You are totally not responsible to clean your house for Pesach. you dont' own it; your paretns' do. Your entire responsibility is not to eat or own any CHometz. The fact that someone gave the treat to the dog does not make you or your Pesach any less holy, since you, Sarchie, are not eating or owning Chometz. What you parents do does not affect you any more than what the parentds of the girl next next door do.

And please remember. Specialness, DESPITE WHAT PEOPLE SAY, means who is greater in the eyes of Hashem. Being pretty is no that; being smart is not that. Al yishallel chacham b'chachmaso....

Shekeer Hachain V'hevel Hayofi....

Isha yiras hashem Hi tishallal.

Never forget that please. You have to bang that copncept into your head, and not let the Yetzer Horah convince you to give value to vanity.

tess Posted - 11 April 2001 8:25
sarchie- WOW i give you tons of credit.....I cant imagine how hard it must be when you feel like its all on your shoulders- just think about how much schar you are getting up there- its definitely more than your average teen who cleans his room because of his mom's constant hassling and maybe helps out with a kitchen cabinet or two.....
Moshe00 Posted - 09 January 2003 13:09
<<You are totally not responsible to clean your house for Pesach. you dont' own it; your paretns' do. Your entire responsibility is not to eat or own any CHometz.>>

I have a question about this, since it applies to me also.... What about the fact that a person in this kind of situation will have eaten chametz (which THEY own) in different rooms of their parents' house during the year, and left crumbs there etc.... Isn't it a problem that the crumbs are left there, and so wouldn't the person have to clean up their parents' house to get rid of this problem? Or maybe he doesn't own the crumbs? Or maybe he can rely on the bittul for crumbs even l'chatchilah?

MODERATOR Posted - 09 January 2003 19:11
If oyu know of any particular chometz in existence, then bitul helps min hatorah, but m'drabonon you still need to destroy it - even if it is on someone else's property.

However, if you do not know of any particular chometz in existence - even if you are in doubt as to whether maybe some chometz does exist - you are NOT obligated to go search for it, unless said chometz may be on your own property.

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