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ican Posted - 16 November 2009 22:32
There is one tefilah in Pesukei Dízimra (Songs of Praise) that has special meaning to me, though I donít think it is high on the list of important tefilos. If I have time or motivation enough to daven only a few tefilos in the morning, is it okay to say this one, rather than tefilos that I know are more important ie: brachos, shema etc...?
Aside from the time issue, there are many mornings when I just donít feel motivated to daven, so I read from a book that I have called Inner Peace - Achieving Self Esteem through Prayer, written by Rabbi Yisroel Roll. In this book, Rabbi Roll explains how the words of each prayer can uplift us and give us a desire to connect with Hashem and with other people. When I read something that is particularly meaningful to me, I am inspired to daven that tefilah. But it doesnít feel right to pick and choose which tefilos to say.
josh1 Posted - 29 November 2009 16:05
I think the brachos and shema may be better to say in the morning if there is only time for a little. But if you cant fit it in in the morning you can also say it later in the day.

Most of that part of davening is made up of small peices. You probably even know it by heart and can say it anytime!

taon Posted - 29 November 2009 16:12
You're right, you cant pick and chooose. And if you're a boy (no offense, how would i know?) you are obligated to daven everything if possible. But you can use that tefilla to help you rebuild your concentration. when you reach it, think about what in it inspires you, and =look for those things in other tefillos. Same with tefillos before it. Or, direct the gratefullness or whatever you feel from that tefillah into the rest of davening.
Matisyohu28 Posted - 16 December 2009 17:38
from the way you describe your davening, im assuming you're a girl, so my previous post is probably irrelevant, since a man is obligated to say the entire roster of tefilos, even if he has no motivation, or he will miss something important, etc..., so having 'no time' in his case is not a factor - by women it's different, as there is a heter for a woman who is busy with her children not to daven at all, except for a short tefilah with shevach hoda'ah and bakashah(maybe something else too, im not a baki in these things), but without that heter, if it's an issue of interest or the like, there really is no heter for such things.
Matisyohu28 Posted - 30 December 2009 22:15
ican - the halachos are clear as to the order of which pesukei dizimrah you have to say if you only have X time, lest you miss tefilah betzibur or zman tefilah, etc.., however, poskim say that it's better to say some pesukei dizimrah with a lot of kavanah than to say them all with none, so this makes an interesting shailah, if we apply the same sevara(assuming you'd have more kavanah by the parts you like more) vis a vis the order of pesukei dizimrah in a situation where you have no time to say the whole thing.

Id be interested to see what a posek would say on this.

Jacobeli Posted - 02 March 2010 16:05
ican, ur getting great suggestions..i know how hard it is to pray everything i have been in a similar situation where i was pressed for time b4 school- wtvr not the point- point is there are a few prayers which are most important i guess and shuld be said before eating ir really doing anything0 when you wake up im sure you say modeah ani whiel still in bed..then you get up wash your hands go to the bathroom say asher yatzar and then wash hands with bracha since first time you washed your hands you neede to go to the bathroom so you realy shoulkd not say hashems name...get dressed i guessa so put on tzitiss and make bracha and after that that may even give you energy to daven more...say can not learn torah without saying those..and oh how important it is to say shema while having tzitis and teflillin on ( im assuming your a guy)i dont even know but wearing tefflin can even give one strenth...OMG im sorry of that was off topic..about your special should pref say that after for you can prob say that anytime since it is prob psukim or tehillim...i hope that answered it...Goodluck and best wishes!

I hope I was helpful!
All the best!

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