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bored613 Posted - 16 December 2009 17:38
My grandmother was at my house for yontif, and motzei yontif, when we're all in cleanup clothes, looking like slobs, adn my hair is showing the effects of not being brushed for 2 days, she pulls out her camera to take pictures.
I immediatly went into the next room and told her to please not take my picture. She asks me why not, and when I tell her b/c I look like a slob, she says she doestn care. She snaps a picture of my brother while he's trying to ask her not to. My mother asks her to not take the pictures, but my grandmother says "but I want to finish the roll". My brother suggests that she just take pictures of a wall, my mother suggests somethign else, and it sounded to me like she agreed.
I went into another room, and I was texting a friend, when all of a sudden I see a flash-my grandmother took a suprise picture of me AFTER I TOLD HER NOT TO!!!!!

Every yontif when she comes she always asks/tells me something, but doesn't listen to the answer, and asks the same question again. but this is a whole new degree of not listening.

Is there any way for me to "get" my grandmother to listen to me?

josh1 Posted - 05 January 2010 2:13
I dont think there is any way except trying to ask her in an extremely nice manner. Explain calmly why you dont want it taken when you are like that.

I wouldnt worry too much, who is she going to show them to?

bored613 Posted - 11 January 2010 1:04
She is very fond of showing off pictures of us to everyone, she has pictures of us all over her house and apartment, carries them around, etc.

I don't have cousins so it's really only us, and I am the only girl- so its what she shows EVERYONE

whatami Posted - 27 May 2010 16:22
Can you tell her a picture is your favorite and ask if she could please show that one?

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