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jewyjew Posted - 27 October 2009 19:07
please help i am looking for a post high school yeshiva in israel for teens from a frum backround with skills, but no interest in, learning. also, if there is such a thing, i'd like a yeshiva with maybe a half day of learning and other activities throughout the day like volunteer work, etc. i have looked in to many yeshivas but none of them seem right i'm sure there is a yeshiva out there for me but someone has to help me find it thanks
taon Posted - 13 December 2009 20:20
bircas hatorah in yerushlalim. Maybe medrash shmuel.
DannyBoy67 Posted - 04 January 2010 23:25
Look into Ohr Chodosh (or maybe its Ohr Chayim- I forget what the name is) located in Telz Stone - a ten minute drive from Yerushalyim. They have different types of activities during the afternoon. (Carpentry, music, weight room, safurs and more.)Good luck.

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