Anything about JUDAISM
Anything about JUDAISM
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xoxoluvyaxoxo Posted - 05 November 2009 3:25
you have to read 10 steps to being your best by Twerski! its the most amazing book so far (havnt finished it yet) but its totaly helping me to try and turn my life around!!
JewishAndProud! Posted - 29 November 2009 16:05
Wow, maybe I'll read it too :)
I hope that you continue to get the chizuk you need to continue to grow and get closer to HASHEM! (Sorry, that was supposed to be a Bracha...;))

The user name says it all...

<3rochela Posted - 03 March 2011 1:13
whats this book abt?

words that come from the heart- enter the heart

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