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freespirited1 Posted - 22 July 2009 19:33
This is not a question, it's a statement.
When someone passes away when they're young-no matter if they're a baby or an adult-you have to understand something. We are given 120 years to accomplish our tasks in this life. If someone dies before that, then it's a GOOD thing. Maybe it's not good for us-we're losing a child, or a sibling, or even a parent. But so many people are dying young these days (according to many, many Rabbanim) because our neshamos are almost done. The earlier a person dies, the more accomplished they were. If someone accomplishes their task in less than half of the time delegated to them, then that's a zechus for them. It's hard for us to see it, but these are extremely special people. Even though it's hard to lose someone, remember that it's good for them. (And I'm only saying this because I know from experience. Otherwise, I would not be saying this. But my mother died young, and at least I was comforted knowing that she died young because she was a special person.)
Speaking of which, it's probably not a good idea to say "oh, nebach" when you hear of someone that dies young-especially when you're making a shiva visit. It's hard for the family,yes, but it really got on my nerves when people said that about my mother. It's a zechus for her, remember?
taon Posted - 12 August 2009 18:07
Thats great, that you understand. It's just hard to know what to say.

May the Geulah have come before this post goes up.

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josh1 Posted - 12 August 2009 18:07
Interesting. Thanks for sharing those thoughts.
acara Posted - 12 August 2009 18:07
but what about babies who didn't have a chance to accomplish anything and are either born stillborn or don't live more than a few seconds?
imjustme613 Posted - 26 August 2009 21:30
we learned that the reason for that is that every second you live is a zechus (thats why you cannot kill yourself, becasue you get zechuyot every second you are alive, so sometimes a neshama needs just a few minutes to get a few more zechuyot to be complete. and you also never know what zechus or nisayon it is for the parents

JewishAndProud! Posted - 06 September 2009 21:34
I just read the first sentence and I was already impressed.
That's awesome that you understand this concept so well! It takes most people a really long time to understand this...

The user name says it all...

josh1 Posted - 09 September 2009 20:32

Sometimes they need to be born and live just a little to complete their mission. They could have been a previous soul that needed a little extra or something.

rachy18 Posted - 24 September 2009 15:35
acara, I'm sure you've heard the concept that everyone has a purpose in this world and each person's purpose is different. I once heard an interesting extension of this concept. Most people come into this world and their job is to change themselves. Every once in a while, a very special soul comes down into the world, who’s job is not to change itself but to change the people around him/herself. I heard this in connection with severely disabled children, but I think it could hold true for stillbirths or babies that die very, very young.
taon Posted - 30 September 2009 19:20
The affect they have on others, then, is still substantial.

May the Geulah have come before this post goes up.

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emoticon Posted - 13 October 2009 15:39
A baby very, very special to me didn't wake up one morning. So there's your question- what did he accomplish?
I'll tell you this: I don't know what G-d intended for that soul to accomplish. I don't want to discuss the idea that each neshama has a tafkid, and some can be fulfilled even after a few seconds. But y'know what? That little guy definitely served as a catalyst for accomplishment. He touched people just by his birth and the fact that he live for the short time that he did. And then he died, and we all hurt really badly- and we still hurt. But we grew from the experience. And there's accomplishment for you.
sternberg4ever Posted - 23 June 2011 2:26
freespirited1- that was amazing. the thing is when my father died i wouldnt want people telling me oh its a good thing that he died. but also to add to what you said, when s/o dies young, it means that they were special in the way that they had the ability to complete e/t in a short amount of time, while other people mightve had to do the same thing in a longer time

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