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jewish_fairy_princess Posted - 14 July 2009 1:30
How do I honor my parents when they don't rspect me? I am trying to become more frum but they don't support my ideas or hopes. It is really hard and causes a lot of arguing at home.
Also I have depression/get down a lot and have eating problems, self harm issues and I have suggered abuse. But I can't tell my parents, although they know some because my school spoke to them. I can't tell them everything because I think it is my mother who has caused everything.
I am finding it hard to balance everything while honoring my parents. Any suggestions?
Shabbat Shalom and thanks for reading
josh1 Posted - 12 August 2009 18:07
I think for most teenagers this is the hardest commandment to keep. Even ones that are from homes where the parents want them to be frum.

I think the key is to try to be low key about it, I know that is hard. Also dont force anything on them for sure.

I know my advice isnt much, hope things improve soon.

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