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greengirl613 Posted - 01 June 2009 1:30
hi im a teen that converted about 10 years ago. my mum stumbled on your site and the topics you hav are amazing. just one teeny question: why is it that on most jewish sites or books the subject of converts is barely touched on? in all my school years we learned about ben adam lechavairo but never touched on it. can someone explain its been bothering me for a while)
josh1 Posted - 09 June 2009 20:50

My guess is that its not too common. but Im sure if you post others will answer to them. What would you ahve liked to read about?

Matisyohu28 Posted - 09 June 2009 20:50
well, hilchos gerus is covered by any semicha student - there's plenty about it in the seforim(english books that any am haaretz can, and unfortunately often do, put out, dont mean much, neither do websites), many simanim in shulchan aruch, gemoras, maamorei chazal, and everything else. You probably didnt learn about it because it has little to do with you(especially if you're a girl, then it'd be assur for you to learn it in depth in any case), and if they are trying to teach middos, etc.., it has little bearing, except for the mitzvah of loving gerim.

Mussar teaches you how to live. But learning bava kama is living! - Rav Avigdor Miller ZT'L

leavingandlooking Posted - 09 June 2009 20:50
Aside from the geirus process itself, which would proably warrant it's own book or at least a section of one, there isn't that much to say different from anyone else. I can only think of a few times where there may be something specific for geirim, and where those things are discussed geirim are talked about. You mention Bein Adam LiChaveiro, the only relevant thing I can think of is not to bring up someone's past.
JewishAndProud! Posted - 09 June 2009 20:50
Sweety, we have tonz of questions asked about conversions! Look around a little more.
The subject is mentioned frequently!

The user name says it all...

E6M1E3S Posted - 09 June 2009 20:50
this website has lots of stuff about converts!
there's a section for it even!
and you get to talk with other converts too, which is really amazing.
ps i'm a convert! ;)
yEsHiVa BaChUr 113 Posted - 09 June 2009 20:50
Is there a specific topic within "converts" that you want to know more about?
goodgurl823 Posted - 12 August 2009 18:07
just keep lookin! ne specific question?

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