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MODERATOR Posted - 03 May 2009 15:40
A new sefer came out just now on the topic of Torah and Science. In particular, it is a collection of Mekoros from Chazal, Rishonim and Achronim - the entire gamut - about how Chazal knew science, how and why their understanding of science is vastly superior to the scientists', and what our obligations are in terms of Emunah about the starements of Chazal etc.

Buy this sefer. It's excellent. Its objective is to show that there is ONE mesorah (see the haskama) on this topic, and that unfortunately, the spiritual poison that the Maskilim have planted with their deviant ideas has had free reign to spread like a virus and, in some cases, has even penetrated the walls of the Bais HaMedrash.

Again, the sefer is a colossal collection of Mekoros - over 400 pages' worth - whose goal is to demonstrate what Chazal's knowledge of science was, where it came from, the misbegotten origins of the heretical approaches, and that there is clearly a well defined Mesorah on this matter that we are obligated to follow.

It is called Chaim Be'Emunasam, written by Rabbi Reuven Mordechai Shmeltzer of Monsey, NY.

Highly recommended.

look-upward Posted - 12 May 2009 15:22
Where is it sold?
MODERATOR Posted - 13 May 2009 23:54
Seforim stores. Zundel Berman, Eichlers - places like that.
ft14 Posted - 27 November 2009 20:20
Our rebbi in yeshiva recommended chaim b'emunasam to our class

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