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Anything about JUDAISM
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musicaholic Posted - 06 May 2009 3:01
Is it permissable for me to Daven in English if it will greatly enhance me Kavanah and concentration?
MODERATOR Posted - 07 May 2009 0:03
If are able to understand the basics of what is being said in hebrew, it's much better to do so. If you can't understand the hebrew, english is allowed. Today, thowever, there are many siddurim which help with this, using even word for word translating and transliterating. if you could use one of those, it would be preferable. We aren't able to translate all the nuances in the hebrew text properly into english.
neshama Posted - 07 May 2009 17:46
Also, you can talk to Hashem in English all throughout the day- whenever you feel like it. Tefila itself should be in Hebrew- but that doesnt stop u from saying anything at all to G-d in ur own language.
jewthatsnotwilling Posted - 29 June 2009 20:33
um i do the hebrew than after sit down and go throgh in english to under stand better
a84 Posted - 12 May 2010 15:37
hey Just wanted to let you know...I know how hard it is daven in hebrew sometimes: you just feel like "WHATS THE POINT?!!!!" But when I was talking to someone today, they suggested the following: keep on saying the davening in hebrew, but then, take a few words like for ex. Baruch ata Hashem- blessed are you Hashem... and go through them. Eventually, you, and myself included, will be able to understand the main parts of davening...there are a lot of days in the year, youd be surprised how much davening you can understand throughout the year if you just do 2 minutes of looking at the english

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