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Anything about JUDAISM
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Pnut Posted - 06 May 2009 3:01
for a/o in the parsha (or who will be in the parsha soon), i am in middle of reading this great book, really funny, the puts-things-in-perspective type of book, with a lot of tips, stories, and suggestions for the whole process, from research all the way to the happy ending. (it also deals with being rejected, rejecting, broken engagements,and divorce (lo aleinu). i'm not even finished the book yet, but already i have seen in myself a change in attitude, a change in what i want, and i just feel i have a much more mature perspective on dating than i did before. i agee with most of what the book says, and although there are a few areas where i disagree, i highly recommend e/o to read it. it is put out by L'Chaim Publications and it's called The Art of the Date- by Ruki D. Renov.
if you get the book, enjoy and may we only hear of simchos!!!!!!!!!!!

shabbosfriend:) Posted - 18 April 2010 21:35
it is a gr8 book, jbtw! pnut- i read it at ur house w/ ur sis!
nechie1 Posted - 18 October 2010 12:28
another really good book is called I Only Want To Get Married Once by Chana Levitan. It's amazing!!!!!!!

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