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LchapesEmes Posted - 21 April 2009 14:29
Isa ba-gemara: Mishtabach leih Rav Chisda l'Rav Huna b'd'Rav Hamnuna d'odom godol hu AC"L. After arguing with my chevrusa for a few minutes about the translation of this passage, we decided to turn to the Artscroll translation. To my dismay, I found something along the lines of "Rav Chisda was praising his student Rav Hamnuna to Rav Huna." This translation just doesn't sit well with me: why is the word "Mishtabach" instead of "M'shabeiach"?? Also the phrasing "b'd'Rav Hamnuna" is shver loit their taitch. I would render it "Rav Chisda was PRAISING HIMSELF to Rav Huna that he had such a talmid as Rav Hamnuna"! Any thoughts?
leavingandlooking Posted - 27 April 2009 20:37
Artscroll trasnlation isn't always accurate. Also, they difer with different interpretations. compare the translation in an artscroll chumash with their annotated rashi. The translations are different, presumably becuase Rashi translated it differently then whatever they follow otherwise.
For this Gemarah, I was taught it about the same way Artscrol translates it here. And your translation wouldnt fit with the context. Still, I can barely get by with an amramaic-english dictionary, a hebrew-english dictionary with aramaic translations also, and artscroll, so I really don't know wha words would fit what.

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taon Posted - 27 April 2009 20:37
mishtabach- full of praise
leih- to or for him, and the b'd'Rav Hamnuna, while I don't know what beis and daled together as prefixes would mean, sounds like it means the leih is referring to Rav Hamnuna. I also checked some other translations, and they all seem to along the lines of this explanation, though not completely like Artscroll. b'd' seems strange to use instead of al. What does it usually mean?


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