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goodgurl823 Posted - 06 May 2009 3:01
im gonna be going into 9th grade this summer. alot of my friends have told me that Sternberg is tonz of fun and so this yr im finally going. i went to a few camps b4 and i thought they were good but i want to tryt sternberg. almost three quarters of my grade are going (my grade has 100 gurls) and so alot of my friends will be there so i think it will be fun. but some friends told me that its only 'normal' to wear anklets there and girls wear crocs on shabbos and have shaving parties at night and take pics of their bunks dressed very very immodestly. so could somebody please tell me if any of this is true. i never went to Sternberg before so i dont really know what to expect but i wanna go to a decently tznius camp. could u guyz tell me what sternberg is like?
workingongrowing Posted - 19 May 2009 13:02
i've never gone to sternberg but many of my friends do and i heard tons about it! what you wrote about is true. it has a huge mix of girls from all different kinds of backgrounds. they definitely dress casually on shabbos -sweatshirts, crocs etc. and their dress code is much more lenient... short socks etc. My friends are all fantastic bais yaakov girls who wear kneesocks and dress appropriately lechvod shabbos kodesh but you will also find girls there in short socks,or no socks, and shorter skirts and much more casual outfits on shabbos... they do do crazy stuff like shaving parties and take immodest pix in the bunkhouse... basically what you're hearing is true and the decision is yours. i heard it's a really fun camp. do what's best for your neshama and personal growth. may hashem guide you in making the right decision. hatzlacha!
lavidaloca Posted - 19 May 2009 13:02
i went to sternberg for a year...from my experiences and what others have told me, it's an amazing place and attracts a HUGE mix of girls. you'll find everyone from all ends of the spectrum there. Youll find your place. short socks are allowed (at least in heller) as long they cover your ankle. a lot of girls wear knee socks though. or tights. i never had a shaving party. as for the immodest pictures...i guess that will vary bunk by bunk. you dont have to be in them if you're uncomfortable. sternberg is very welcoming and accepting. dont rule it out based on hearsay.
goodgurl823 Posted - 01 June 2009 1:30
yeah so im gonna b going. and im so excited! thanx 4 ur comments! which half is better though, 1st or second? i was gonna go 1st but i think 2nd might b funner?
iluvsternbergthemost Posted - 09 June 2009 20:50
goodgurl-it really depends on what you like. some like 1st better and some like 2nd. ask someone who has been to both and knows you well cuz they will be able to answer you best. enjoy!
Pnut Posted - 31 July 2009 14:17
five of my friends went last summer, and they went second half, not having to do with more fun vs. less fun, but b/c they said even though it's still a big mix second half, it was a bit of a frummer mix.

~Every moment can either be momentary or momentous, but it's up to you to make that decision~

goodgurl823 Posted - 12 August 2009 18:07
i was gonna go 4 1st half but then i switche din the middle of they yr 2 second half... and only 2 weeks left! ahhhh! :)


yipee Posted - 07 September 2009 0:51
second half is frummer
goodgurl823 Posted - 22 September 2009 13:57
yeah it was a lil frummer. some of my friends went first half, i cud c a big diff. but really netype can go2 sternberg ne half and they will have a good time caz its really a speacial type of camp where e/1 can fit in. and theres not peer pressure the way there is in other camps.
zac Posted - 28 December 2009 1:33
k i went to sternberg for a nice amount of years in my personal opion first half is much for fun secondly the beautiful thing about sternberg is that there is all tpes there and you learn how to love another jew for who they are and not for the length of thier socks and it has a large variety of girls from tights to anklets theres someone there for everyone i suggest you go and try it out youll never know until youve been there its the best place in the world ive met a couple of my bestest freinds there and so on and so forth keep us posted how it went wow youner pioneers thats AWESOME
emoticon Posted - 05 January 2010 2:07
A classic Sternberg song is 'knee socks or no socks...' They love you, whoever you are.
Anyone remember the rest of the words to that one?
missme97 Posted - 03 October 2010 6:36
i went to sternberg for the first time ever this past summer- younger pioneers. i went to 2 other camps before sternberg much jappier and i loved camp!!!! u meet so many diff types of girls from all over it rocks!!!!
Krazi Posted - 17 November 2010 1:57
emoticon -- I believe the song you're referring to goes like this:

Verse #1: If you wear knee socks, badadadump,
Or you wear bobby socks, badadadump,
I love you cuz you are a Jew, badidadadump.

Verse #2: If you have straight hair, badadadump,
Or curly, frizzy hair, badadadump,
I love 'cuz you are a Jew, badidadadump.

Chorus: I love ya; I love ya;
'Cuz you're a Jew-a, a Jew-a, a Jew-a.
I love youuuu, 'cuz you're a Jew.
I may not like the things you do,
but I love you, 'cuz you're a Jew, badidadadump.

(And then you can add more verses of any variety.)

Smiling is good for you!

ilovecampsternberg Posted - 17 November 2010 1:57
Camp sternberg is a very modest camp. i have gone there for two years and the camp is great. they have a huge camp ground. all of the division heads and counselors dress very tzniosly and we do to....please dont believe any rumors about camp..its amazing!!
nomi estrin Posted - 11 February 2011 3:45
ya im going to sturn this summer and im so exited aparently your allowed to were ancle socks and crocs plus no one cares isntthat awsome!im sneeking out at 10:00 tonight(way past my bed time)to go ancle socks shopping plus im going to buy a pair of jean pants,ahh that would be so scary if my parents found out that i wear sweatshirts shaboss.Any how whoever wants to go to sturn should go b/c its awsome!
soulrebel Posted - 10 March 2011 1:09
Sternberger with mustard and fries here. True veteran, 6 years straight. None of this stuff happened in my bunks or my friends bunks. Anythings possible, but if that sort of stuff went on, it certainly was such a small minority that I never got wind of it, in all my years of Random Conversations with Random People on the roads, in bunkhouses or bathrooms
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