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aniohevetyisrael Posted - 27 April 2009 20:37
I am a third-year college student, a girl, and I am trying my hardest to be observant in Judaism. I am currently majoring in chemistry, and I am having a difficult time deciding what field to go into to use my chemistry. I am good at math and science, and I really like my major, but I can't help feeling that I am "different" from all the other frum girls, who go into physical therapy, teaching, or interior decoration (to name the top three). Is being a chemist not conducive to being a true bat yisrael? I want to be good at what I do, but I feel drawn to be a scientist. Also, both my parents are scientists, and they tell me that to do anything less than a Ph.D would be stopping short of the mark. But, they also tell me they want me to be happy. What do I do? I want to please my parents and I want to do something I enjoy, but I also want to eventually build a bayit neeman b'yisrael. Can I do all this with a career in chemistry? Please reply soon, and thanks.

"Eretz Yisrael Po Le'Olam Tisha'er..."

torahtemima Posted - 06 May 2009 3:48
There is nothing wrong with doing chemistry! You can easily support a family as a professor (I know a woman who's a math professor- her husband is in kollel. She's amazing. You could do that to.)
Not everyone is smart enough to do that, but if you are and feel you can be a good Jewess, wife, and mother, go for it!
taon Posted - 18 May 2009 22:15
I don't know what goes into it, but it would be hard to.


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Be_Happy Posted - 22 September 2009 13:57
i'm in a similar situation to you. maybe i'm "you, - a year ago".
i have that feeling the whole time about being different to the other frum jewish girls around me.
i love what i do, i want to pursue a career. my father said how lucky i am, do you know how many people just do their job, because it gives them their paycheck at the end of the month? Hashem has given you an amazing gift to be able to do what you're doing, and that you're enjoying it.
a teacher once said in a shiur about a moshel "what is he going to do with his degree after he dies? nothing!" and this really upset me. because someone who has been given a gift from Hashem, should use it. if you have the brains to go further into education, you should use your gift. why should only the goyim use their brains? when they can't even apply it to the extent we can.
for me personally, chemistry has really strengthened my Yiras Shomayim. and when i think about what i'm going to do, it makes happy to think that i'll be using what i've got, to help people. yes, after 120 i won't take my degree with me, but i will take my z'chusim, my belief in Hashem, and my gratitude to Him, for granting me the oppertunity to appreciate His finer works in creation that not everyone can.
hope this helps you.

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