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dreamer56 Posted - 25 March 2009 21:03
I would really appreciate it if anyone could post a list of the more main hechsherim out there, and how reliable they are. Thank you so much!
orangejam Posted - 01 April 2009 18:34
i think has a reliable list of hechsherim but please noone rely on this unless the moderator confirms that it is a kosher list. mod?
taon Posted - 01 April 2009 18:34
These are Hechsherim that seem to be accepted by everyone, please tell me if an aren't. They may not not necessarily be accepted universally regarding restaurants or meat, and they may have varying positions on cholov yisrtoel as well as minhagim and chumros such as pas yisroel, yoshon, etc.





some CRC's, there seem to be several kinds and there's no way I know of to put up pictures here to show the difference.

Star-K (turns out there are two variations. I'm talking about a star containing a "k")

for KVH see:

Then there are Hechsherim that aren't simple symbols and I don't remeber their names. There are also hechsherim that are sometimes accepted, sometimes not. there's also the "K", which doesn't mean anyhting unless someone reliable says it does. Can you contact a Rabbi?

I'm not sure. I think Chasam Sofer and Bedatz are generally accepted, but I might be wrong. ANyone know?


questions? go here:

taon Posted - 06 April 2009 17:48
About kosherquest..I had posted previously that it seems reliable because the sefer on kashrus written by the Rabbi Eiditz, who runs the site was endorsed by gedolim. However, looking at the lit of hechsherim, I see a few that i know aren't accepted for every product. So I don't know if the list is covered in the endorsements. Maybe it would be possible to contact R' Eiditz and ask why those were included.


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taon Posted - 08 May 2009 2:30
the list is in the sefer with the endorsements, so It's probably endorsed as well. Still have a few questions on it, like the inclusion of hechsherim that are accepted only on certain things, I'll b"n try to ask.


questions? go here:

taon Posted - 20 May 2009 5:27
R' Eidiitz replied "The ones listed are for everything, but not all are Cholov Yisroel or Yoshon. All are at least at the O/U level"

So I guess ask a Rav to be safe.

Some stores have hechsherim that apply to all products in the store, menaing that the store's hechsher approves of everyhting in the store, including things with other hechsherim (though not necessarily those hechsherim on everything).


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ploni almony Posted - 26 August 2009 21:30
In Israel the 2 best hechsharim are badatz eida chareidis and rubin.
There are other good ones.
taon Posted - 30 September 2009 19:20
what's Rubin? I've never heard of it before.
jewishgirl1 Posted - 13 October 2009 15:39
Rubin is bedatz mehadrin rav rubin. It's a very accepted hechsher. Probably 2nd after eidah hachareidus.
Matisyohu28 Posted - 13 October 2009 15:39
taon, you forgot to add rav landau, who's also very well-accepted - especially in bnei brak

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