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HarrisCohen Posted - 21 March 2001 0:38
Recently, I have heard some disparaging comments regarding Triangle-K hecksher. Several people have indicated to me that they don't follow it "just because they heard some bad things." Isn't this chilul hashem and lashon hora? There's an orthodox rabbi providing hecksher and when I spoke with them they indicated that they were very copius with halaca. Even so, if there was something wrong with it, wouldnt the OU or another organization come out and say something or attempt to contact them to fix it? I want to work and stop this lashon hora.
MODERATOR Posted - 21 March 2001 1:30
I do not recommend the Triangle K.

Invalid hechsherim have proliferated for the longest time. There is a lot of money to be made in hechsherim, and the field has long become a business. Just because a Jew is Orthodox does not necessarily mean he will forgo the tempatation of a lot of money by cutting corners. Everyone has a Yetzer Horah, and the Halachah is that you cannot rely on a hechser just because the giver is Orthodox - he has to be established as reliable.

It is not Loshon Horah to say a hechsher is no good provided what you are saying about the hechsher is true. It's like telling people that the food they serve in restaurant XYZ is poisoned. That would be a Mitzvah to say if it is true. So too if your Neshomah is in danger by eating from a certina Hechsher you should say so. BUT you better know what you're talking about. If you say that someone serves poisined food in his store and you're wrong, you've done a terribly evil thing ...

ptgard2281 Posted - 22 March 2001 4:37
So why not eliminate any possibilities of something being "wrong" with it and have a committee of rabbis go and certify if it's okay?
MODERATOR Posted - 22 March 2001 5:03
And which committe of rabbis is going to certify the certifying committee?

Every individual rabbis has a right to decide whether there is something wrong with this hechsher. He just has to know what he's tlaking about before he says anything.

ptgard2281 Posted - 24 March 2001 1:34
So are you saying that what's kosher for one rabbi might not be kosher for another? There are laws for kashrus after all, so what should be the big deal in figuring out if someone is giving a good hechsher or not? If a number of orthodox rabbis check it out and don't find any halachic problems, then the hechsher should be okay. Furthermore, if an orthodox rabbi is the one giving the hechsher, why would there be any problems with it?
MODERATOR Posted - 24 March 2001 1:38
There are intra-rabbi disagreements in the Kashrus laws just like every other aspect of Torah. And there are different standards and beliefs on what standrads to follow. There is also a Yetzer Horah invovled since Kashrus is a big money making business, and Orthodox people have a Yetzer Horah too, right?

And how would the average Baal Habayis know which rabbis are right? The ones giving the hashgacha or the ones condeming it?

This happens every day. It's unrealistic to expect some kind of (a) universally agreed upon kashrus rules, and (b) universal integrity.

ptgard2281 Posted - 27 March 2001 2:07
So let's say I follow different hashkachas than my friends -- should I be offended if they look down upon me? and what should I respond? I don't want to get into arguments with my friends over this, aftre all!
MODERATOR Posted - 27 March 2001 2:22
It depends why you follow those hashgochos. Many hashgochos are totally not reliable. If all youre looking for is some rabbi to say its kosher and you know full well its not reliable then its the same as eating treif. If you can defend your hashgochos on kashrus grounds then do so, and then its wrong for anyone to criticize you.
ptgard2281 Posted - 28 March 2001 1:28
What about cholov yisroel and non-cholov yisroel? Does the same "rule" apply?
MODERATOR Posted - 28 March 2001 1:32
Please see the Cholov Yisroel topic in this forum. Your question is answered there.
Haim Posted - 22 August 2001 0:05
Hello. You wrote in the third to last post:

"Many hashgochos are totally not reliable."

How can I distinguish between a reliable hechsher and a non-reliable hechsher? Do you know of a website which posts the names (and/or symbols) of non-reliable hechsherim so as to let us know which hechsherim we cannot rely on?

MODERATOR Posted - 22 August 2001 2:05
You have to know the specific Hashgachah and check it out individually. Because of legal issues, I will not say in public that any specific Hashgachah is "not reliable". But I am allowed to give recommendations, and I am allowed to say which Hashgochos I do not recommend. If you have any specific Hashgochos in mind - there are dozens of them - I can answer you.
ptgard2281 Posted - 23 August 2001 0:24
Well, let's say that I go by a certain hashgacha and someone else tells me it's not good enough even if I do show proof that it is, then what am I supposed to do? Sometimes I walk into the meat market and I buy the "standard" glatt kosher meat, and then I see othr people buying "super" glatt kosher meat and they give me funny looks that I'm not buying up to their standards. I mean, if there and certain halachot, then how can their meat be any better than mine? I mean, this is just one example -- like it's come up in conversations too about other related things, but I think this is a good example.
MODERATOR Posted - 23 August 2001 0:29
If your Hashgachah is good, then the other people are either uninformed or in error. its as simple as that. I would suggest you show your proof to someone who would not buy your hashgachah and see what his response is. its always good to hear the oterh side of the story.
mauricio Posted - 24 August 2001 20:10
I have heard from a reliable rabbi, that today glatt kosher meat is almost impossible, and that it is almost impossible to be makpid on glatt,because around 2 out of every 50 animals are usually found to be glatt. If this is true, how can kashrut organizations mark glatt kosher on meat?Also I heard that thereare some ppl that don't eat meat (as opposed to poultry),Whats the deal with that!

mauricio uomo

MODERATOR Posted - 24 August 2001 23:44
What you heard is not so. Although the majority of animals are not Glatt, those animals are sold to the non-Kosher meat companies, who actually share slaughterhouses with the Glatt Kosher ones. So there is no loss, and only the Glatt Kosher cows get sold to the Jews who demand them.
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