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aniohevetyisrael Posted - 19 May 2009 4:28

You may have seen some of my other posts on this forum relating to my non-Jewish (I thought) status, and my hopeful conversion. However, I have just received some exciting news that I fervently hope resolves everything. My mother underwent mitochondrial (maternal) DNA testing to trace the origins of her matrilineal line. This DNA sequence is only that which is passed down through the mothers, without any influence from fathers. The results came back: about 6 people who had also undergone DNA testing through this system, and who identified themselves as Morrocan and Turkish Sephardim, matched our results. We have a matching sequence passed down only through the mothers. This would mean that we have a common female ancestor (great-great-great......etc, etc.......grandmother on my mom's side). DOES THIS MEAN I'M ACTUALLY JEWISH??!!! By the way, just so you'll know, the system we used for DNA testing had no idea we were specifically looking for Jewish results; we didn't say because we wanted it to be completely objective. Please help me with a response; I really need to know. Thank you!

"Eretz Yisrael Po Le'Olam Tisha'er..."

neshama Posted - 19 May 2009 13:02
i know this is really important to u- I feel the excitement in ur writing.

The thing is, halacha cant be determined based on this DNA testing. Even if u were to say that the test said 100% u were Jewish- it wud still be pretty complicated.

So, emotionally u can be oncouraged by the possibility. But halachikly u would probably still fall under the category of a convert.

It would be a good idea though to speak to ur local orthodox Rav abt it. Maybe he knows something about this that I dont.
Lotsa luck my friend. Keep up ur great attitude.

greengirl613 Posted - 26 May 2009 20:46
i really hear you aniohevetyisrael but just remember that your neshama (after a orthodox conversion) is as jewish as anyone elses. remember: we all stood at sainai

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