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whatever... Posted - 15 February 2001 0:35
if the world to come is the olam haEmes, do we see all the hurt we caused to people?
MODERATOR Posted - 17 April 2001 22:51
<3rochela Posted - 18 April 2010 21:35
when we die, do we understand all of the ways of Hashem and how He works?
i had a few really disturbing and freaky dreams on pesach. i heard that there is some element of prophecy in dreams n i should say say something in from of 3ppl or s/th... but then s/o else said i should forget abt it and its no big deal... so wat should i do?


josh1 Posted - 27 April 2010 1:42

Dont worry about it. Dreams nowadays dont mean anything.

taon Posted - 12 May 2010 15:37
1 Not everything, but more

2 dreams usually dont mean anything anymore. Rav Moderator spoke on this elsewhere.

questions? go here:

hocking613 Posted - 31 May 2010 22:39
this happens to me a lot. sometimes they happen, but often they don't. so i asked advice and got three answers. first - when you wake up from the bad dream immediately say "chalma tava chazeisa" a total of nine times, three sets of three. it means "i saw a good dream" in aramaic. second - go to bircas kohanim on the yamim tovim and say the "chalom chalamti" section with a lot of kavana. third - if you are really disturbed, you can do hataras chalomos in front of three men. hatzlacha rabba!

my chelek is my chelek; your chelek is your chelek; no one can take away anyone else's chelek. ezehu ashir hasameach bechelko.

<3rochela Posted - 27 June 2010 22:02
josh1- if dreams dont mean anything y do we say that tiffila t by birchas kohanim?


josh1 Posted - 11 August 2010 2:59
Good question. Im not sure...

But I have asked mutliple people about dreams, and there is nothing to worry about nowadays.

soulrebel Posted - 24 August 2010 0:26
actually, i have had dreams that happened after i had them.only a couple tho, but they did happen, and i saw in the dreams, how i could make it better, so when the things happened, i modified according to what i had seen.

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