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LostSoul731 Posted - 01 March 2009 20:46
Lately ive been having some troubles, my parents keep pressuring me about skwl cuz im failing everything, we seem to always be fyting about everything i do wrong, ive been sinking lower n lower in my bad ways so much that sometimes i just give up hope of ever improving. i feel lost n alone, n sometimes i cant help but just get those stupid thoughts in my head about those ppl that have tried drugs, smoking, and...suicide. i mean, im smarter then that, yeah. n i woulndnt EVER commit suicide. but i keep thinkin about that thought that all my problems could just go away...n i no drugs are wrong, seems to be such an easy way out of better then this, but i just cant help these thoughts from floating in my this normal? HELP!!!
josh1 Posted - 03 March 2009 9:25
Pleanty of people have thougth like that when they are feeling down. You just have to find things that make you feel happier.

tantee Posted - 06 April 2009 17:48
And drugs only help for a very short time,(if at all) and there are ppl that get stuck in tha state, whech you don't want to happen to you, you may have issues with life right now but its not worth messing yourself up because of it, getting out of drugs is much harder. and chances are n a few months you'll probably be better anways.
My advise to you is to speak to someone who knows you, you trust and has a balanced opinion about things, and you can really relate to. NOt just any teacher but someone you are not affraid of expressing your feelings to, it can be a really smart friend,
figure out for yourself what is it that is actually bothering you, and how you think it can be fixed and what would cauze your goal to be achieved (after all you don't want what's worse for yourself but what is best for yourself so there must be a way. think are your parents right? if they are, maybe here them out, if you really think that they aren't figure out what would make them do what you want..or need.
once you figured that ut speak to them, explain to them your points.
Try to solve your problems, drugs wont solve your problems, they'll just stay there and you'll be in a much worse state and your friends willl think that you are messed up and will find it hard to relate to you.
YOur problems are solvable, and in afew months you'll see that everything was for the best. issues with parents is something that everyone has to deal with at some point of there life and maybe a few times. YOur parents don't sound so crazy, if you want to hear about magor parents issues, go to the "parents" forum on this site.
You'll get through this you'll be fine,
good luck!!!

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