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sad-eyes Posted - 13 November 2003 2:00
Hi, I'm an 18 year old girl in college, and the career I'd like to head towards is forensic science. I know that it might not be the best work area for a religious girl, but it's something I'd really like to do. Does anyone know frum people, especially women, who have done something like this? Or do any of you know the dangers involved?
HZ Posted - 16 November 2003 15:37
Please see my reply in the other thread.
senior09 Posted - 09 June 2006 17:27
If there are any other would-be female frum forensic scientists, Touro College offers a Master's in forensics.
gurly Posted - 11 December 2006 13:02
good on u! im inspired
WG Posted - 01 June 2009 1:30
happens to be unless im not talking to who i think im talking to here sad eyes i know another girl who wants to b a forensic scientist unless its you but i want to be an orthapedic surgeon which i know is not the best idea for a jewish mother BUT i know i dont have to go all the way and if i decide to become a PA on the way i can stop off there- are there any such options for you?
JewishAndProud! Posted - 09 June 2009 20:50
How is that not appropriate for a religious girl?
If you want to do it, and it's your dream-WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

The user name says it all...

DarlaBeeGone Posted - 09 June 2009 20:50
Hey.... im turning eighteen soon and looking into diff career choices... forensics art was always something i wanted to do but i had/have the same fears as you- idk if there are ANY other Jewish (frum) females in the business... if anyone knws of ppl that have been through this please post a reply... thanks
taon Posted - 29 June 2009 20:33
Jewish and Proud,
We can't afford to be distracted from our main goals in life. Any other things we take on should be able to further what we are here to do. Some jobs leave little time for what is really important. This job may also cause difficulties with kashrus, tznius, and other such things.


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