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allalone Posted - 29 October 2003 20:01
I am in my senior year of high school, and I want to go to a good college as I want to be a doctor. My mom has her heart set on NYU, and I'm really excited, only problem is, it costs a fortune. Where can I apply for scholarship, I am pretty much a B+ student. does NYU offer a good program for medical school. Whats the next best college in the NYC area?
LIP Posted - 31 August 2005 2:05

I am looking for scholarships to attend undergrad nursing school. If anyone knows of any scholarships I would greatly appreciate if they can post it here on the website!!!

Basi Posted - 31 August 2005 22:22
I am also looking for undergrad nursing scholarships---I wish I knew of any.
want 2 grow Posted - 30 May 2006 2:19
hey, too bad no one answered this forum... it would be nice ot get some answers. i am looking for scholarships to be able to go to seminary, which costs a fortune, and thats even before college! so if anyone could kindly answer, i would really appreciate it, and so would some others. thanx
musicgurl Posted - 09 June 2006 19:09
for all scholarships you can try and they email you all the new scholarships. some are scholarships you need to write essays for, and some are just by application. good luck! hope this helps!
frumdididumdum Posted - 14 December 2007 17:43
hey im trying to do scholarships an d i checked our fastwebs but its so confusing. will i be able to get scholarships from fastwebs for sem????????????
goldie58 Posted - 18 August 2011 22:06
It will probably be harder to get a scholarship to a college like NYU. Try going to a smaller college, maybe even a community college which also may make it easier to get into medical if your the top of your class there rather than not the do I put of your class. Hatzlacha!

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