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white1 Posted - 21 October 2003 12:52
im in 9th grade and i really hate skewl! i have friends in reenas bais yaakov and i want to know what type of skewl it is like is it good?
gabber Posted - 22 October 2003 13:03
hi, i don't go to reenas, but i no some people who go there, and they love it. i think they even give you breakfast there! but, it's a really small school. so if you like dont mind being around the same 10-25 girls the ENTIRE day, you might like it. I think the whole school is around 50 girls. Anyways, good luck!
gabber Posted - 22 October 2003 13:03
just aking, why do you hate your school so much? Aren't you only in 9th grade? Like school just began a month ago... you know what i mean...?
lay19 Posted - 23 October 2003 15:32
ya, i agree w/ gabber- ure only in 9th grade and it barely started. one of my friends sed at leatst once a day that she was gonna switch to another school last yr (9th) but shes still here and she likes it. i also hated school in the beginning- it was suuch a change and soo much work... but i got used to it and now i love it!!! good luck!
shmush Posted - 29 October 2003 20:53
if you have friends that go to reenas why don't you just ask them?
gabber Posted - 29 October 2003 22:27
shumsh-lol. thats true thou, why dont u just ask ur friends? or do you want an objective view?
flybird Posted - 15 September 2011 23:35
i know its kind of late to answer this but just for other people-
my friend goes to reenas and she loves it. its a very small school and everyone gets close to each other. for orientation they go on a trip and they learn hashkafa and halacha tied in so thats really good. if anyone wants to know anything else i can ask her
hakul beyuduv Posted - 07 October 2011 2:53
hey, so r u talking abt the reenas bais yaakov in highland park/edison, nj? cuz i go there, but the reenas that the original poster was talking abt is closed now. they're different schools, but i can definitely vouch that reenas is an amazing school!!!
hakul beyuduv Posted - 07 October 2011 2:53
btw, what grade is ur friend in?

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