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shomertorah Posted - 28 October 2008 19:45
my dad is like VERY into VERY. like all my freinds who are rly orthodox r allowed to eat something with a very ultra good glatt kosher or wtvr hecsher but my dad just dont hold it!
#1- is it rlly that bad to eat something with a good respected hechser that my dad doesnt hold?
i mean, its kosher just the same, maybe even MORE!
ps- kibud av vaem where duz thet come in? but besides for that part
i mean r my freinds who can eat it doing any worse
and its even the rabbi who gives the hechshers achrayus y wud he take achrayus 4 something not kosher
#2- its only a chumra, right. so i dnt get y some ppl wud eat it if its not kosher, what makes one hechsher better then the next????
#3- its hard to be the only one who cant eat, like when i went on a trip out of state with freinds chol hamoed and they cud all eat and i like seriously lived on m and ms (my parents dnt eat cholov stam cuz they chose in mid to improve themselves but some of us kids still do, but thats 4 a diff time...) and fruits! and they were eating perfctly glatt stuff that all the rabbis of that comunity and all over eat! SO. How bad coud it be? do i have to follow all my father's chumras like that?
#4- i duno what we eat or dont eat. only some stuff. so like i go out with freinds or relatives and theres a good kosher hechsher, everyone says its 100 percent ok. am i allowed to eat there or do i have to assume my dad doesnt? if hes not available to ask, i mean.
.... SO basiclly i konw my dads trying to do the right thing and be a better person, but why exactyl shud it affect me, if im not redy to take upon that chumra, but i heard minhag ysraels like halacha, but y wud it be accepted among rabbis to eat a hechser if its wrong. and am i actully doing something wrong, which is considered eating like non kosher, if i eat something my dad wudint eat but it stiill has a good hecsher?
and btw, what makes one hechsher better or worse then the next one?
k i know ilike repeated myself a ton, but basikly im a little confused. and dont tell my dad but even though im very careful bn to eat kosher (lol some things rubbed off on me from my dad) bu i do eat things with good hechshers he mite not eat.
ps- abt the kibud av part he duzint forbid me to he just tells me its wrong acc to torah or wtvr u call it to eat that stuff
yeah i know this is long but plz have patience and mod or someone answer me
moderater thanx 4 everything and plz post this fast cuz while im waiting for it to get posted the problems still here! thanx sorry so long
taon Posted - 03 November 2008 16:05
(Rav Moderator, I believe i have posted this link before, so i assume it's allowed. if not, please remove it. thanks.)

the above link explains a lot aobut the process behind a hashgacha. there are differences. first, remeber its an orginaazation, not one person. some people in the organization might do things differently than others, maybe worse. some rely on heterim that have no backing, or heterim only to be used in case of emergency. some just dont have reliable mashgichim. there is a lot of difference, its not 'just chumras'.


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