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Bas Melech 225 Posted - 20 October 2008 15:01
k, so im in 12th grade (scaryyyyyyyy!!!!)
and even tho college seems like years away the truth is that i have to start applying soon.
so my issue is--
i want a place that's a torah-dik atmosphere. im done with being the "frummy" in the crowd, and i want a place where i don't hear apikorsus spouted around like it's totally fine.
however, when ppl from touro came to speak at my skewl, i wasn't so impressed cuz it didn't rly seem 'academic' enough--and i dunno if i just want a place that hands u a degree as fast as possible and shoves u out the door.
so i was thinking abt stern but now i hear there's so not-so-torah'dik things abt it and i know the hashkafos aren't so great.
my parents are more angling for a cuny cuz it's supposedly "better" (academically, obviously). but i want a place that's a torah'dik atmosphere where i'll be able to get a proffession and support my husband's learning (iy"H).
does any1 have any ideas?

"V'Ani Kirvas Elokim Li Tov"

sosad Posted - 28 October 2008 19:45
did you ever hear of bulka? it's really academic and you get your degree in one yr! if you need more info let me know
Bas Melech 225 Posted - 07 November 2008 15:00
ya so both my parents r very not into sending me to touro at all--cuz it's expenseive and not prestigious. but if they haven't heard of bulka, chances r they wudn't let me go.
the college guidance counselor tried to convince me 2day that v good frum grls go to cuny, but i still dun wanna go to secular college...:(
thanks anyways

"V'Ani Kirvas Elokim Li Tov"

sosad Posted - 09 November 2008 9:03
maybe try to get them to look into it because it's very frum and prestigous. there is the sem part of it so there's Hebrew subjects and you get credits for all of it. it's connected with a very good college and the professors come to the seminary's site. g'luck!!
rayray Posted - 10 November 2008 10:50
from my experiance, so not fact in order to get into touro u have to have a decent sat score. so really it might not have a great name but has some smart students there. it might not be so prestigious but remember it also is newer than stern and still building up a name. stern is very expensive. i cant say that its a bad education, i think a really good 1 actualy but yeah their hashkafot... i dont know em but have heard... and finaly cuny. i would say brooklyn college, kingsboro, queens almost mostly jewish! i know alot of girls from prominant jewish homes who went to good jewish schools who went there. i appled to touro and got rejected. i am now in community college and in a few semesters i can transfer and am still looking into it. basicly for many professions you have to be licensed at the end. it doesnt matter where u go to school its all the same test. so if ppl are coming out of touro prepared for the exams they must teach you something....

dogs bark, birds fly, me not using today is like a dog flying!!!thank you higher power for waking me up today!!!

Gingi Posted - 12 November 2008 23:32
Hi Bas Melech- I am currently in Stern, so hopefully I can give you a more accurate account of what it's like here, as opposed to a lot of the misinformation and untruths that you'll hear in other places.
Stern is an academic institution, which is based around the Torah UMaddah philosophy- but the thing to remember is that Torah ALWAYS comes first. I came here, kind of against my will, expecting to just hear loads of apikorses, and meet tons of nonfrum people. I was completely surprised to find out how wonderful some of my Judaic Studies classes were, and how yashar the Rabbis and teachers were.
Look, obviously, it is a not a Bais Yaakov institution, so if you are expecting a place like that, then you will be upset. And obviously you're not going to start studying gemorah or anything. But there are plenty of incredible Rabbis and teachers, who teach amazing (emes) Torah, at an incredible level. And the academics are really up there in all subjects.
The girls obvioulsy come from a wide range (there's almost a thousand students), some from public school, others from total bais yaakovs. So you'll meet all kinds of people, and it's important not to judge the girls who show up in pants or who don't know as much halacha as you. They are coming from a very different background. And you will definitely find girls at your same level of frumkeit, don't worry about that.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Bas Melech 225 Posted - 16 November 2008 15:39
i actually went to touro in manhattan and was rly surprised--it was mamesh like high skewl (i mean this in the best way possible-for grls who dun wanna transition out of hs, this is like a rly rly good hs:))
so im thinking more abt touro in bklyn. b'H my sat score wasn't too bad--wudn't get me into harvard:), but still.
does a/o have info on touro in bklyn. cuz i rly rly dun wanna, once im actually a real adult, have to deal w/ all the shtus in the goyish world--or even the "frum" world w/ warped hashkafos--and esp w/ colleges. but is it only for bklyn grls? wat r the classes like? wat can u major in? wats the student body like? do most grls work also?

"V'Ani Kirvas Elokim Li Tov"

MOperson Posted - 16 November 2008 15:39
If your issue with Tuoro is the price, Stern costs much more. But don't use the price as a barrier. Colleges are very generous in general with financial aid and merit scholarships. I don't know about Turo, but concerning Stern:
Merit - If you got a 1400 on the first two sections of the SAT (if you've taken it many times, you can count the top score in each sitting i believe) and a 90 average, you are almost guaranteed 10-15,000 and can get up to a full tuition scholarship.
Financial Aid - The best way to go through this process is have your parents call teh financial aid office and schedule an appointment. Have them tell YU how much they acn pay and YU will TRY to accommodate. Some of my friends have paid MUCH less then book price this way.
seven Posted - 19 November 2008 21:32
if u want the best academic and most torah than go to stern but stern is mad expensive (why im not there)
touro has a bad name, but the girls school in manhattan is pretty good i know alot of people that go there and its totally fine. i dk abt the brooklyn or queens one.
cuny brooklyn and queens have tons of jews. u would definately find ur "ppl" there def not a torah/jewish atmosphere
Gingi Posted - 02 December 2008 2:39
Touro in Brooklyn, is essentially designed for girls who are working while they are in school (they don't offer classes every day, so even if you aren't working, you won't be in school full time), and who want to get a degree as fast as possible. There are a lot of pros and cons to it. Some pros are, you get your degree fast, so you won't feel like you're wasting time, and you are in a total Torah enviornment. The cons are basically that since its geared to get you a degree asap, there really isn't much to chose from, in terms of classe and stuff. Most girls there are going for speech or OT, or some are getting degrees in psych or education, but that's mostly it. No one really goes there for the sake of going to college, people are less interested in learning and more interested in just getting their degree.
The students aren't all from brooklyn, but it's mostly all BY girls, almost all of whom spent a year in Israel. (Within that, of course, is a wide range of girls.) But I wouldn't really call it a place for making friends.

(This is all second hand of course, but I do have several friends who go there.)

Bas Melech 225 Posted - 06 January 2009 1:11
well, my mother basically clinched the decision for me--she told me if i went to touro i'd have to find a way to pay for it myself, cuz she's not.
tourogal Posted - 13 January 2009 13:04
Gingi, not a place for making friends? What are you talking about? I made LOADS of friends there! Touro is great. Granted, some professors are real nuts, and the academic level is rather low (they recently had a meeting complaining to teachers that courses should be taught on college *(and not h.s.) level, but the enviroment is wonderful! And you get A's pretty easily (I happen to teach one of my professor's sister, so it's really funny. We have this deal going on: If I give her sister an A, she'll give me one! :) Most professors are very heimish (professor silman is awesome! He even lit the menorah in class on chanukah!) and you could actually deal with them! Stay away from some dept. heads, as the people on the top half of the ladder are kinda nasty, but otherwise, great school. Go touro...
tourogal Posted - 15 January 2009 20:20
Oh...and I'm in touro college right now (hence the sn) so feel free to ask any q's you might have. I actually went to touro cuz it's the only place my parents would pay for, since they only allowed me to go to a frum college. They told me if I would want to go anywhere else i would be on my own...
tourogal Posted - 15 January 2009 20:20
B-m, oh, and I forgot to ask, what are you planning on majoring in? Some fields in touro are better than others.
Bas Melech 225 Posted - 26 January 2009 21:49
oooh, in a perfect world i'd love to be a teacher.
otherwise, psychology, nursing (?), writing mayb
tourogal Posted - 01 March 2009 21:04
Hi B-M! :)

Ok, well, if you want to be an ed. major, touro has a great program for that. As the dept. chair put it, it's really 3 benefits in one! As an ed. major, you get certified in both regular education as well as special, you get NY state certification (which is vital for today's market) and you get up to 1/3 of your masters done while in the bachelor's program. (You do this by taking graduate courses which count toward your B.A.)
Touro has a separate nursing school which I heard is really good. It's located in Boro Park,(that's in brooklyn, ny) and is a 2 yr. program which leads to an associates in nursing. YOu can then transfer to the school of health sciences to get your Bachelor's degree in nursing.
Psychology is a very easy major. It's 31 credits in all (The extra one credit comes from experimental psych, which has a lab attached to the regular 3-credit course). YOu begin by taking intro to psych, and then choose five electives from interesting courses like developmental, abnormal, and other psychology classes, then you also need statistics and a few other psychology classes (about 3 upper-level ones such as biological) Most people choose psych as part of a double-major, since itís only 31 credits or they major in psych while taking prerequisite for a higher degree program (such as to get into med or law school.)
One of the hallmarks of Touro is that itís a Jewish environment and most (I said MOST, not ALL) of the professors are sensitive to the fact that some of what youíre learning may contradict halacha, and they teach accordingly (i.e. omitting some theories) This is important ESPECIALLY for psychology.
In addition, they have their Israel option which allows you to spend a year in seminary while earning 36 (a regular yearís worth of credits.
Plus, you can do it in a really short amount of time. Theoretically, if you start the summer after you graduate, you can take 8 summer I, then 36 in Israel, then 8 the following summer, followed by 36 the next year, followed by 8 in the summer followed by 36, which means you can graduate after 3 years including summers. Most secular colleges take 4-5 years.
But regardless of what major you choose, the core curriculum is:
English Comp I and II (six credits) (you may need to take an introductory eng. Class depending on your exam.
Computers (3 credits)
Math (3 credits)
Science (3 credits)
History (survey of modern history I and II) (Six credits)
Literature I and II
Fundamentals of speech (3 credits)
A social science (macroeconomics, micro, or American politics) (3 credits)
And 24 Judaic studies credits (can be satisfied thru seminary, ½ day earns 6-9 credits a semester.
Thatís all for now.
But if I may ask, Why such diverse major choices? What do you want to do when you grow up (I know you're "Grown up" already, but I mean once you graduate :)

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