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Torah=MayimChayim Posted - 05 October 2008 0:48

Watch this!!!!

wannabe Posted - 16 October 2008 18:32
tmc, it's really amazing.
i sent it to a lot of people.
thanks for telling us!
g'mar chasimah tovah
rayray Posted - 16 October 2008 18:32
seriously puts everything into perspective in a modern way. not just about judaicly but the actual world around us. i highly recomend it!! loved it
falcon Posted - 28 October 2008 19:45
if you are a boy dont watch it has many not app. pics
taon Posted - 02 November 2008 3:39
thanks for the warning. i watched a bit of it but diidnt get up to such pictures, Baruch hashem.


questions? go here:

hocking613 Posted - 20 August 2009 19:21
i don't get; i didn't watch this, but I wanna know, how it could be a good rosh hashana video if it has inappropriate pictures. even girls shouldn't see such pics!!!!

my chelek is my chelek; your chelek is your chelek; no one can take away anyone else's chelek. ezehu ashir hasameach bechelko.

learning2live Posted - 07 September 2009 0:51
girls are allowed to see women in short sleeves, low necklines, etc. the video goes through u'nesaneh tokef, and gives a very powerful and REAL message with real live pictures from that past year (it won't be this Rosh HaShana, but the message is still the same). however they use some pictures of women - i.e. a chinese lady in short sleeves crying over her destroyed house (i think). that is what falcon meant.
goodgurl823 Posted - 09 September 2009 20:42
i just watched it a few minutes ago. and i thought it was really good. it made me think- i wanna havea good yr next yr so i should really try2 do Teshuva. SOme of the pics were a lil graphic- it was scary. BUt its also reality. i didnt think there was nething inapropriate.
wannabe Posted - 30 September 2009 19:20
haven't watched this in a while, but as i remember, what people are probably referring to are some pictures of women not dressed b'tznius. not in a provocative way; it's more pictures of things going on around the world like hunger, disease, earthquakes, etc.
so there are probably some uncovered arms, legs, collarbones, etc. obviously everyone has their own standards as far as what they view and i'm not trying to sanction this video for everyone (and also obviously, there's a difference between boys seeing non-tznius girls and girls seeing non-tznius girls), but just wanted to explain the objections....

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