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Shtick Posted - 02 January 2001 5:43
How bad is it to go to bungalow colonies for the summer? I mean to go as a counselor, with your family not there. I've heard different "Psakim" on this issue and i'm curious to hear your side of the story.
MODERATOR Posted - 02 January 2001 23:06
Experience has shown that bungalow colonies in such circumstances present tremendous Nisyonos, even for girls that are not looking for trouble. A lot of girls have gotten burnt, hurt, and damaged in various ways, and some have even gotten ruined. It's bad news. The biggest nisayon, of course, is the guys. They're there, they're available, they're unshackled, unsupervised, and in a daring summer "mood". There are countless ways a girl can fall into this kind of hole, and it's impossible to forsee them all.

Every day in the morning we pray to Hashem "May it be His will that we are not delivered into the hands of a Nisayon". My advice is to stay away if at all possible.

Michal Posted - 02 January 2001 23:09
why would it NOT be allowed to go to bulgallow colonies?
MODERATOR Posted - 02 January 2001 23:51
see above
Me Posted - 04 January 2001 2:46
I was also wondering that. I know there are safe places and it also depends on the person but a few of my friends went to bunglow's this summer as good nice regular typoical frum teenagers and came back somewhat messed up and snobby w/o asking just telling me i know i changed but i don't care so don't think you can try to stop me b/c you don't know what life is all about. i'm scared to work in a bunglow now but that's what i have to do this summer. is it ok or not?
MODERATOR Posted - 04 January 2001 3:39
It's risky. Avoid it if possible.
frumkins Posted - 14 May 2003 2:36
stay away from bungolow colonies they are bad news! a few years ago i went by myself to work with my friends ! i did things that i would never do bec everyone was doing them and no parents stopped it so we all assumed it was okay! not only that i'm a pretty sheltered girl and i learned about things that i always thought were totally aussor i founnd myself doing them without feeling guilty when i came back from the bungolow my friends realized i changed and tryed to stay away from me! i taught them the things i learnt and nonne of us were inocent anymore. my principal got involved and alot of things changed ! i sure changed since then,but i'm really openminded,bungolow colonies are not for frum girls.
rasi. Posted - 15 May 2003 3:05
i dont think you can say going to a bungalow colony is always bad, i went and had an extremely positive experience...the girls i worked with were amazing, would learn shmiras halashon everyday, and pirkei avos on shabbos etc, i definately benefited a lot and am more frum because of it.
I guess it all depends on who you end up with and which colony you go to. I dont want to say the name of the colony i went to here but if you are interested maybe i could give you more info through the moderator in case they still need counselors...
frumkins Posted - 18 May 2003 6:33
your right on that it really all depends on the bungolow colony! before going check out the counselors they hired,and the colony itself.if u do get stuck in a bad sitution just be careful and remember where your coming from,don't get mixed in with the girls that hang out.
wonder Posted - 18 May 2003 6:33
Yeah,I agree with rasi, I know personally I go to a very frum and heimish bungalow colony where there is absolutely no prb with girls and boys. It all depends on the crowd there.
goodgirl Posted - 24 June 2003 19:19
it really does all depend on the colony y/ go to. i went to a colony last year and normaly i wear short socks i came back wearing only tights. when ppl. hear i went to a bunglow colony they think maybe i'm not as frum but i came back from there much frummer so ppl. shouldn't judge just by the idea of a bungellow colony.
Sweet Smell of Success Posted - 18 July 2003 10:35
ive never heard any of these stories b/c i thoroughly despise living in bungalow colonies and have only gone once-for like 2 days. I never knew about the moral trapdoors that these places have become..........
summer? Posted - 01 December 2003 16:07
Hey guys. I am now in a situation where I just recentlly stoped talking to guys. But the thing is I am thinking about my summer plans, and decided that I really want to work in a bungelo colony. After I read such posts, i'm a little shakey now. Rasi, or Wonder(or anyone else that knows of such bungelo colonys)...if there is anyway by any chance that you guys can get me the name of thoes bungelo colony....I would much appreciated. Thanx guys.
somanyqs Posted - 19 December 2003 1:44
esp. if ur shakey STAY AWAY FROM THE COUNTRY UNLESS YOU'RE GOING TO A VERY VERY SUPERVISED SLEEPAWAY CAMP (i.e. sternberg) there is SO much going on there that is so wrong (i.e. the theme of the country is "anything goes") gals that are normally good and norm. do things they would never in their lives do in real life yes im talking aboit me too k?
summer? Posted - 19 December 2003 22:06
I want to go to a supervised Bungelo Colony- Is there such a thing? If so --- many through the Moderator I can get the names or them?
MODERATOR Posted - 19 December 2003 23:00
The phrase "Supervised Bungaloy Colony" is an oxymoron.
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