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Shalom1 Posted - 28 August 2003 1:09
Why does everybody have to slander the lubavitch, the conservitive and the reform? Why can't people keep bad ideas about all these groups to themselves?

MODERATOR Posted - 28 August 2003 1:10
Why do you have to slander those who critisize the Lubavitch, the Conservative and Reform? Why cant you keep your bad ideas about those people to yourself?
wayne Posted - 28 August 2003 23:12

nice reply


everyone wants peace. But when people claim to practice orthodox judaism and according to jewish law, they are not, we have to stand up and state the truth.

stars20 Posted - 21 December 2004 14:29
I understand the need to inform. However, I think the best solution is to try to mekarav people and help them.

To other readers,
On the outside it's appears to be anger toward fellow Jews. But on the inside I think it's saddness that our brothers and sisters have strayed. We care and want our fellow Jews to live a meaninful and fullfilling life. And yes, we should show that we truly feel this way.

seven Posted - 22 December 2004 5:14
omg mod- cool asnwer
i looovved that

the only answer is that, as history has shown, we are our own worst enemies, the only time we'll all be in peace is by the third bet hamikdash (bi ezrat hashem)

angelprincess Posted - 11 February 2011 3:45
to stars20 it usully hate that is expressed not sadness i know from expreince it really painful

angel princess

taon Posted - 23 February 2011 1:55
I can't speak for everyone, but know from experience, and many that i know of, that it's mostly sadness, particularly among Rabbonim

questions? go here:

angelprincess Posted - 08 April 2011 3:37
to toan: not sadness it is misundersatnding and believing strai types and romors that arent true and not bothering to to do their own reasearch

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