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IJustDontKnow Posted - 28 September 2008 16:55
I am in a very odd situation. I daven three times a day. I read tehillim every day, I read the parsha twice and once in targum every week. I used to be able to really feel Hashem. Now, I don't feel that much. Why? I think it started the summer I worked in a non-frum environment. Now I am in a Jewish college. I really want to feel Hashem all the time like I used to, especially now that Rosh Hashana is coming up. But it's so hard. I am not in danger, chas v'shalom, of leaving Judaism. I would not be here without it. But if anyone can help me here - I'm not even sure what my question is! - I would appreciate it.

PS The title of this post is the name of an art exhibit I saw in the Guggenheim last year. It just fit so well.

torahtemima Posted - 02 October 2008 14:25
Do you have a Rav/Rebbetzin you respect and love?
whatami Posted - 02 October 2008 14:25
learn things llike haskafa and inspiring things. go to religious inspiring places. take it in you.

I apoligize for my english and spelling, thanks. Frumteens!!!

torahtemima Posted - 06 October 2008 20:37
You learn a lot for someone your age!
When did you start doing shnayim mikra and davening maariv?
I'm impressed that you do this in college.

Are you connected to a spiritual mentor?

I recommend learning Chovos Halevavos. It really helped me see the light in everything.
Gmar Chasima Tova!

IJustDontKnow Posted - 02 November 2008 3:39
I started Shnayim Mikra after my bat mitzvah, when I received a considerable number of sfarim. (I have a brother a year older than me, and our birthdays are in the same month, so we had a joint celebration. What do you give a bar mitzvah boy? Sfarim. So what did they give me? Sfarim.) Maariv came a couple of years later. I was already repeating Shma after dark, and then my sister started davening the whole maariv, so I joined her.

I am not currently connected to a spiritual mentor. I wish I was.

I try to think the way I want to - for example, I saw a truly awesome sunset a few days ago and I made myself think, "Wow. That can't be by chance. Hashem must have made that. And he made the first one and all the ones since." Eventually, perhaps I will be able to think this way constantly, and really believe it - sort of like mentoring myself, I guess.

torahtemima Posted - 05 November 2008 15:07
Wow! That's really special.

Maybe you can call the Eitza hotline- try a few people until you find sopmeone on the hotline who yo're comfortable with.

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