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frumgirl87 Posted - 17 August 2003 1:55
One thing that really confuses me about bechira, besides the obvious question that everyone asks, is what it blatantly says in Nitzavim. Most people have heard the passuk about Hashem sets before us good and bad, life and death and He tells us straight out to choose life. Isn't this a violation of the whole bechira thing in the first place? How could you tell someone they have free choice and then tell them to choose good/life? Also, Hashem tells us if we choose good we'll get schar, and if we choose bad we'll get punished. This is in no way equal. How could you tell someone you have free choice, but then say, it's your problem if you choose bad b/c you'll get punished?? This really confuses me, so it'd be really cool if someone could help answer this question. Thanks!
MODERATOR Posted - 17 August 2003 2:32
Bechirah means the ability to withstand or choose evil; it doesnt mean that you have two equally viable options in front of you.

Evil is tempting; good is better in the long run. It's your choice: immediate gratification or long term satisfaction. You choose what your values are, then you choose how much effrot you want to put in to following them.

restricted247 Posted - 09 June 2006 17:27
bc i didnt look at the consequences of my actions i gave many people to do bad things and i fell terrible about it but as much as its my fault isnt it their bechira if they want to use wat i gave them to do bad? like for example if someone opens a store and sells avodah zarah thats a terrible thing bc he is causing ppl to sin BUT its the people buy the idols fault that they r doing the averah- isnt it?
wannabe Posted - 12 December 2006 22:33
well, if both evil and good had the same consequence, then you wouldn't really have free choice either, would you? there wouldn't be a choice at all!

and as for Hashem telling us to choose life - what would you expect, He would advise us to choose death? come on! we know that we are supposed to do good. it's pretty obvious.

so what's the question?

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