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MODERATOR Posted - 20 December 2000 3:43
Case #3: Food in a Kli Rishon off the Fire

There are Poskim (Chochmas Adam 59:1) who recommend treating food in a Kli
Rishon off the fire the same as one on the fire. According to
them, if a piece of meat falls into a warm pot of milk (less than
110o), the meat would need Netilah K'Dei Klipah, the same as if
the pot was on the fire. Of course, since this is the subject of
great debate a Rav should be consulted.

If the food in the Kli Rishon is 110o or higher, Belios are
transfered back and forth between pot and food, or to anything
that may fall into the pot (See Ran Shabbos 42a, Tur and Bais Yosef 121.)

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